Wwe All Star is all about the fun of arcade gaming. The game is good and the rooster is perfect for an arcade battle between the Wwe Legends and the Wwe SuperStars. The game is developed by THQ Sandiego team and published under the name of THQ.

The game starts with a menu where you can select Exhibition match, Path of the Championship, Online and Fantasy Warfare. For the first time you can start with the exhibition menu where you can learn some moves with your buddies on other control. As there is no tutorial menu this is the best way to learn the moves before you start the Path of the Championship. Path of the Championship is the next menu in your list and here you will find 3 stories to play. First story is about defeating the Undertaker and when you start playing it you will see a very familiar face, yes its Paul who welcomes you and then comes out of the cascade the Undertaker throws some words to you. After the nice scene you will have to face 9 wrestling matches and some of them will be 3 or 4 man elimination match or some will be extreme rule matches. Every time you beat wrestlers the game gets harder so make good use of your fingers as the game is fast. When you beat the 5th or 6th match you will see another video from Undertaker. The stories are very interesting and fun. After the Undertaker story you can start the next that’s Randy Ortan the legend killer’s story. This story mode is nice too. Last one and I think the best one that is Tag Team story and you will face the best ever tag team DX. Shawn and Hunter video is pretty cool and its so much funny. They both rocks so play it and you will have serious fun. This story is the best from all of them.

Fantasy Warfare the next menu is a fight between the Legend and the Wwe SuperStar. The first match is really funny Shams Vs Ultimate Warrior, I really like Ultimate warrior and the way he fights, he was strong and too awesome but how could they match Shams (that’s what I call him) with a superb wrestler like Warrior that’s not right. After that match you will find some more legendary matches and go for it as playing these games in arcade mode is only possible Wwe All Stars.

So much for the menu, now the graphics and game play. First the Game Play for an arcade mode game is good. As the game is a fast paced and the moves are rocking. I really like the way The Rock delivers his Rock Bottom. All the special moves got a high jumping style and it looks great. The bone cracking attacks are cool too. Don’t worry as you would not see any power use or anything most unusual like the past wrestling arcade games. Hulk and Randy looks great and after so long time all wwe fans can get their hands on them to play matches with them. The entrances of the wrestlers are too short according to me, they could have made it more better, the moves are good but every wrestler got some common moves, they could have add more and separate moves to every other wrestlers too add some more fun in the game but the signatures still rocks.

The graphics is like cartoon type. I think you can not expect more from a wrestling arcade game. The wrestler looks like the Action Figures as they are all pumped and huge. The wrestlers remind me of some great wrestlers like Goldberg or Lesnar as they were huge normally. The slow motion mode when hitting the finisher or the signature looks pretty awesome. I think they could have made some wrestlers a little smaller as now Kofi or Shawn looks same as the Big Show.

Finally I suggest to all the gamers if you want to have some arcade fun this game is for you my friends but beware as the loading time of this game is so long and there isn’t any option menu to change the controls or you won’t be able to find any tutorial, so may be they will add this menus in the next installment. I rate this one as 7 out of 10. Last words the game is real fun, party playing will make this game more fun and for an arcade wrestle type game Wwe All Stars is good enough.

Thanks for the Vidz WWEGAMES.