This year E3 was full of surprise and one of the best of them was from Nintendo with their new upcoming console Wii U. The Wii U will hit the gaming world in 2012 and it’s described as Eight Generation belonging console.

Wii U is coming with a new controller with a touch screen on it and it will be Nintendos first console which will produce 1080p high-definition graphics. The new controller looks awesome, in my point it’s like a little big Psp with an option of touch screen. The controller contains dual analog stick, a D-pad, bumpers and triggers. The controller also contains a camera and a mic with built in speakers. The Touch Screen is in the middle of the controller like the Psp screen but a little bigger. The controllers screen size is 6.2 inch and it is powered by rechargeable batteries. No offense but Sony Vita is also coming and it is also a touch screen from the both sides. Sony also introduced its NGP with a name Psp Vita and it will be described on the next post. Back to Wii U, The controller of the new we can also be used as handheld when your parents want to watch the TV. So it means now you are free to play whenever you want as no TV program can’t stop you. But that does not mean you can use it on the go, as it will only respond to the highest wireless range available from its console. Some demos were also shown where you can use the controller as a secondary display like scope for a sniper or ball lay down on the ground. By the way You will be able to use only one touch screen control, for more controls you can use your Wii controls and you will also be able to use all the Wii accessories with the New Wii U. If you miss your Wii games then do not worry as Wii U will be backwards-compatible.

Console Specification is quite strong as the Cpu is IBM Power Architeture-based multi-core 45 nm microprocessor. IBM specified that the tech which power Wii U is same that powers the super computer. GPU is custom-designed AMD Radeon HD and I think you know how much powerful it can be. Media is not confirmed yet and about the storage I heard you can use SD memory cards and USB hard disk drives as an external storage device. You will find both Av Multi Out and HDMI out ports in the back of the console along with 2 Usb 2.0 ports and Sensor Bar power port. As I think you already know about its Visual capabilities and for Audios you will be able to use the AV out or the Six-channel PCM linear output through HDMI.

Finally I think this console got a bright future as I was really amazed from the Zelda demo and the coming titles just blowed my mind. As in the past Nintendo was missing big titles that’s what I think but this time with upcoming titles like DarkSiders 2, Arkham City and Ghost Racon Online these types of big titles will surly change the level of Nintendos upcoming console Wii U.