In this November Betheseda Softworks is going to publish another great adventure game from the game series Elder Scrolls, The Elder Scrolls V SkyRim. The game is under development by Betheseda Game Studios and like previous TES this will also be an open world role playing game. This game will hit the major consoles and pc in 11/11/11.

Like other TES game Skyrim’s game play is also an open world game. In which player can go any where and do what ever he wants. SkyRim will have 5 major cities where player can complete activities like farming, cooking, woodcutting and mining. Levels will be gained by raising skills. There will be 18 types of skill available in SkyRim. The class system from the previous series has been removed. There will be a skill tree with 280 perks which players can gain in each level. Players will be able to use dual weapons and also can create them. Sprint and Jumps will cost Stamina as usual. For bashing attacks Shields can be used. Each weapon will have its own advantage and roles. For each different weapon players will get different finishing moves. Over 80 types of spell will be available for use in close or range combat. Each spell will have its different effect as fire will damage through burning but will also ignite the environment. Arrows will deal a great damage and will cost high. Daggers will be a great weapon when it’s used in sneak attack. SkyRim will use a NPC system called Radiant Story, where Npc will interact with its environment. Npc will start conversation with player, request a favor or even challenge for dual.

The game takes place 200 years after the event of Ovlivion. After the death of its King SkyRim is now turned into a place of civil war and the Alduin has risen. He takes a form of a dragon to destroy the world and you are the last living Dovahkin who can stop him.

The game play trailers looks awesome, Environment graphics looks really amazing, the snow fall seems pretty real, the water fall gives a nice view. The battle with monster looks almost real, sneak attacks are cool and the magic attacks are looking great too.

Finally I think this game is going to be awesome and I think if you got enough cash with yourself go for it now or get ready to make some in this summer as come Fall we need to crash the party of this evil Dragon.