Silent hill one of my first survival horror game that I played in early 2000, the game was developed and published by Konami and was an awesome really. First if you are a new gamer please play Silent hill, Silent hill 2 and Silent hill 3. Just trust me and play these games for once and please do not judge Silent Hill series from Silent hill 4: The Room or from Silent Hill: Home Coming. From all of the Silent Hill series I did not like those last two sequels even I was like getting bored when I played The Room and honestly I did not like the approach of the Home Coming too But Silent Hill: Origin was very nice at least for a console like PSP and PS2 and then came out Shattered Memories and trust me it was really good. To every gamer who didn’t tried Silent Hill’s first 3 sequel please get it now, buy it or rent it just play those first then go for Origin and Shattered Memories because soon there will be another installment at your door step and if you don’t know the real story you won’t get anything out from the upcoming sequel.

So as I was telling Silent hill’s upcoming survivor horror will be Silent Hill: Downpour. It will be published under the same name Konami but will be developed by Vatra Games.
The game play stands same as third person and you will also find some interesting puzzles and you will be able to select puzzle difficulty. Player will be able to carry one weapon and after some use it will broke down. The places that you have already visited in the last parts of the Silent Hill will not be available in this game and the game will take in the southern part of the Silent Hill region which was never explored in the early installments. This awesome creation will hit your Xbox 360 and Ps3 in Fall 2011.

That’s all I know about Silent Hill: Downpour and I will be back with more news when ever I get some. By the way as what I said earlier about getting to know the story of Silent Hill, Don’t be upset because Downpour will not have any connection with previous Silent Hill stories but Please if you did not played the first sequels go ahead and try those and I am sure you will thank me.

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