Finally a Flight Simulator which really helps to learn and feel the real excitement of flying an airplane. Yes indeed I am speaking about the new ProFlight Simulator.

I know there are a lot of questions but let me explain few experience of mine about this game. First of all, you can learn flying from many simulators but here you can try planes from 1903 Wright Flyer to modern Jet eagles. As this game got more then 20 thousands of airports you maybe got lucky to find one from your own country. The main attraction is about the World wide Terrain is actually based on the US Defense Mapping Agency and I think you know how accurate they are.

This game lets you fly the airplanes from all over the world from your own computer. Feel the open air, enjoy the night sky, watch the cars head light flashing and enjoy the lighting of your city from the sky as you never seen before. When flying in thunder storm, feel the power of thunder, don’t be afraid of the thunder lights or you will loose the control, always remember that you got peoples on-board (Nice Joke). But pilots have to look after these thing and we don’t. So fly around where ever you want, See the wonders of the world. Fly around the Eiffel Tower, experience the beauty of Taj Mahal. Land in the middle of Amazon as no ones going to stop you.

The game detects the time from your computer for reality experience. As if its night in your place the game will start at night too and you can always change the time as well. It also takes account the seasonal effects as in November you will find snow all over the US, by the way don’t look for Santa because as the developers didn’t add him in the night winter sky. Jokes apart, the game is as real as it follows the course of sun, moon and the stars also. Your 100% free to fly any where in the world and see the entire world from your own computer. Did you ever get a chance to feel the flight experience in stormy weather situation, if not its your chance to feel and enjoy the stormy flight experience from your own computer without any risk as its too risky in stormy flight now a days. You’re in the control of weather also so change the weather as you wish to fly in any where.

This is the only chance for you where you can try so many planes as professional pilots are only able to fly a single type of plane in which they are expert. But in this you can try any type of plane and some airplanes are unknown to you surely.

I forget to add that you can also try many Helicopters including medical and special military helicopters. Missing your old school or collage just fly over it and enjoy the view from the sky or if you’re lucky you can also watch your own home from the sky. Test your flying skill as the controls are as real as original. Feel the beauty of night lighting from the sky and enjoy the runway lighting’s too. Also get a 3D cockpit view from your own computer which is also real as well.

Finally multiplayer made this game more exciting as you can fly with your friends together, create formations, or fly military fighters together in the open sky. Find your friends with the real time google based map as it shows you and your friend’s exact location.
Lastly I can say that this is the game for real flight lovers. Free to fly any where, show your skills, try the air to air refueling and enjoy the thrilling view. The game is good and the best in flight Simulating, So Sit back and Enjoy the Sky High Fun of the world from your own PC.

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