One of the most exciting fighting games is back from the past. Mortal Kombat started its game series journey from 1992 and those days it was one of the best fighting game in arcade and later on consoles. From then Mk delivers an eight series of fighting games from different developers. Finally after Midway got bankrupt Warner grab the title and throws a title that all fighting game lovers were waiting Mortal Kombat (2011). As you already know that Mk was a fighting game but with a superb story of the Elder Gods and Realms and some young courageous fighters like Liu kang, Kung lao and Cage. But as the series progresses from 1992 in some version Mk developers forget the story part and made it just a fighting platform game. Now WB took a step to redo all the mistake that was destroying MK and delivers Mk 2011 with a superb story mode where you will learn the story of the characters and make the difference.

The story mode starts from the last version of MK series, MK Armageddon, Where all the realms warriors are dead. Only Rayden and Shao khan left and the final battle is almost at the end with Rayden got only little breath left on him sends a message to himself to the past and Walla you are in the first battle of Mortal Kombat Tournament. Chapter One: Jonny Cage, You will be in the battle with Reptile controlling Cage and he is easy to beat and the way Jonny acts is very funny and also cool. After that battle you’re up against Barracka and its easy battle too. Beat him up and Cage is on his way to date Sonya, but before that Rayden congratulates Cage for his good fighting skills and tells him that he must always be ready to fight for the Earth Realms and Cage won’t understand and ignores Rayden. When cage tries to ask Sonya for a date he finds out that Sonya is an Undercover and here to rescue her partner Jax. Now comes Kano and throws you down luckily Cage grabs the ledge of the wall and comes back for a battle and you’re on. Beat him to start the 2nd Chapter with Sonya. This is how the story progresses,

Play along the story and you will be amazed to realize how the story developed as I felt really exciting playing the story mode. All chapters are related to each characters story, I like the Sub Zero and Scorpions battles, Jax and Cage they both are real funny fighting for Sonya Blade. I recommend every MK lovers try the story mode to learn the stories of every character from MK.

First menu named Fight, where you can choose your character to play the bottom to top ladder system battles from the previous version. Fight your way to the boss to see the ending of your character. Every other character got their own endings over the fight menu. If you scroll through player option you can get to play up to 4 player option with versus battles. In fight menu you can play other mini games like test your might from previous games or test your sight (This 1’s new) and some more.

Without the story mode and fight menu, you can play Challenge mode which is also the ladder game mode from previous MK game series. Here you have to go through some series of tutorials and go for 100 of exciting challenges to beat the boss. Other then there is an online menu to play online versus and extra options where you can unlock loads of components.

The Fighting Style reminds me of the first few installments of the MK series. Thanks to the developers to bring back the 2d platforms. The characters signature moves still remain but the special X-ray moves made the game awesome. Every different character got their own X-ray moves. There is a bar on the left bottom side for your character when it becomes full you can hit the X-ray move. Cage’s X-ray move is real fun.

The Story mode graphics is good enough, but I think they could make the characters look better as like Shaolin Monk. Liu Kang, Kung Lao or Sonya, I liked the character design of Sonya from MK1 and Both Shaolin looked really best in MK Shaolin Monk. Other then X-ray mode graphics is super cool.

The ps3 version got its own charecter Kratos !!! Coooooooool i didn’t played it yet but soon i will write more info about the Ps3 version without some DLC characters everything seems to be same.

Finally I can say that this game is one of the best games in MK series and the story mode is really an amazing idea from the developer. I got only 1 complain about this, please next make the character design better. Other than the game is superb and I score it 8.5.

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