Marvel Vs Capcom when I first heard about the game at 1999 I was like went in deep thought that what this game is going to be…Who the characters will be then I closed my eyes In my mind i looked at the left side I saw Blades are shining in the Hand of WOLVARINE, CYCLOPS eyes are glowing red, Storm is gathering winds, Webs of Spiderman are covering my eyes, Cards of Gambit is flying here and there, Captain America holding his Shield, Green Monster Cracking the floors, Red Suited guy was annoying everyone then i turned into right and i know you guys already guessed already whose at first. Ryu with Blue Flames Around him, Ken is ready with His Shao-Ken beside him cheering as always Chun-li then Gulie,Cammy, Sagat, Byson and so on from
Street Fighters..Strider..Cap Commando.

Now lets Come Back in Reality and This time In Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Capcom really surprised me by introducing first of all Dante (Devil May Cry) with his Devil Sword. Next Chris Redfield from where i think you all already know that and the last one which surprised me is Albert Weasker.

I am really exited about the new characters and i surely know how excited all the Vs game lovers are and how anxious they are for this one to come out. From the official web of Marvel Vs Capcom 3 i heard its going to come at this Feb 15th. The game will blast every ones mind from which i can tell about the looks of it and from the feeling of the view of the new characters on it but i must add that playing Marvel vs capcom without some of my favorite characters like Ken,Cyclops,Fantastic Four,Guile and also as i am a Big fan of Gambit without him i am really going to be sad.

For the last i am really hoping for this game to blow my mind with its new characters and I think it should cuz using Dante or Redfiled in a vs game is going to be fun and I am really waiting to see their moves and special powers and also hoping that the game wont give me the time to think about those favorite characters of mine.

The Official Announcement Trailer [HD] is here…..