The name of the game is Legend itself. This game was played by all the gamers all over the world and they all know him by his Famous dialogues “Shake it Baby” Hail to the King Baby “.Duke Nukem. Way back in early 90s I played Duke Nukem 3d in my first PC and from then I know every one became a fan of Duke. Those days FPS games were like Doom, Quake and all other but from all of them Duke 3d was different and By different i don’t mean that you wont kill monster but different in s Sense in none of those game you got the chance to get a lap dance from ladies or save them or even give a dialogue “Shake It Baby”

From a long 12 years Duke raises again In Duke Nukem Forever developed by gearbox and published by 2kgames. From what i heard 3d realms spend 10 years on Duke then Gearbox take over from them and developed it for PC, XBOX360, and PS3. As the Official trailer and some wallpaper are already released the game itself will be launched in May 6th 2011 internationally. The trailer looks awesome where long ago Duke saved us from Alien invasions then he went away and after so much time when Aliens are back again and destroying our world every one thought Duke would be back to save them but nahh No sign of Duke ….But when Aliens try to take the Ladies …..Here Comes Duke ““WHY THEY ALWAYS TAKE THE HOT ONES “” ……. Now they made him angry and his going to make them “Rest in Peaces”……I love the way he delivers those awesome dialogue…The trailer shows Duke driving trucks then there will be usable vehicles. Weapons are as usual. Pistols, shotgun, Shrink Rays, Pipe bomb, Freeze-thrower all will be there but there will be no weapon upgrades as what I heard.. And For last but no the least hot ladies.Lap dances, and who knows what else you will be able to do with this unstoppable hot chick lover Alien ass kicker Duke.