Capcoms Latest installment of Killing Zombies is Dead Rising 2. As Xbox players already familiar with the game ( As You guys played Dead Rising) Lets first i will right something about it for those who haven’t played Dead Rising.

Dead Rising starts in Fortune city. Fortune City is developed in a view of Vegas in my point of view as there are casinos, clubs every where. The Game starts with the same old Chuck Green…Fixing his bike getting ready for “Terror is Reality “. Terror is Reality is a show within the Game Organized by TK …where Chuck needs to win by killing zombies by riding his bike competing with his fellow riders. Chuck never wanted to play this kind of game but he has no other chose to raise money for zombrex (Cure to Zombie Beaten) for his Daughter who was beaten by zombie few years ago and needs a dose of zombrex everyday.

After The Event of Terror is Reality Your in control of chuck walk through the lift and in a few moment The real game begins …Zombie Outbreak …Run run for the safe house …that’s what every one is doing and Chuck also need to run to the safe house with his Daughter ..After some Cut scene game starts where Chuck green is blamed for the Zombie Outbreak in Fortune City as reported in a news flash by a cute reporter where some one wearing Chucks Costume Blowing the Zombie Cages. Now Military backup will arrives in 78 hrs and Chuck has only this time to prove that he is innocent by capturing that guy through missions. As the game progress chuck also needs to find Zombrex for his Daughter. Game missions are stated now and your in control…Save survivors throughout the Fortune city…Kill psycho bosses and know the reason why the became psycho and how they blame everything to Chuck…As I like the Chief boss and the Guy who wants to Marry slim girls as he says its his dream. Its kind of funny…For your help i will tell you that try to lvl up as fast as you can as the game progress zombies will be stronger and if you aren’t strong enough it will be difficult for you to kill bosses…or even zombies.

In My point of view I am kind a freak of RPGs…and this one is very good where you can create very nice weapons …Drive cars in malls …kill lots of zombies …Wear almost everything you can find in the mall ….Wonder around with a Skateboard like Hawkz..and moreover customize your bike …If u want to know i will advise to get up to lvl 40 and use Boxing gloves with knife to kill bosses faster….Use Dynamite with meat flash to kill many zombies to lvl up faster. The only Bad thing i kind of hate is too many loading and loading time is higher then ever…..Chuck cant run fast at the beginning but when you lvl him up he is much faster ..

The game is worth every penny I gave for it …Missions are good …Bosses are nice and funny ….Rescue military gets their ass kicked when they came to rescue ….very nice on going stories and so on I ranked this game 9 out of 10 . A must play game for RPG and also for those who loved Resident Evil series.