Warner’s last installment of DC Batman Arkham Asylum changed the view of Batman in the world of gaming. Arkham Asylum was the best ever Batman game i played. The story plots and the way the game developers made the characters it was awesome. At past Batman games was little boring in my point of view as i played Batman Begins on Ps2 but i kind of a liked the Lego Batman was funny as all the Lego games are but the arkham asylum changed the view of Batman In my world of gaming an i am sure to all the gamers of the World.

Now Warner’s upcoming game Batman Arkham City official trailers is out and its developed by Rocksteady Studios Ltd. From the view of the Trailers I was shocked and saying it to myself.Can‘t wait for this fall. Defiantly this game is going to be the one that will blow everyone’s mind. The graphics works looks awesome …nah the best ever in my point of view. When i first saw the trailer “Batman: Arkham City Hugo Strange” I was lost…Will it be a movie or game….That’s what my expressions and I know the same is going to happened to every gamers when they saw it. The Batman Arkham City going to be one of the years best for sure and like all of u I cant Wait for this fall to grab this one from the store when hits out or i will even try to Pre Order this one.

The Official Trailers Is Here………..