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Prototype 2

Activisions another huge announcement in E3 2011 was Prototype 2 which was shown earlier on 2010 Spike VGA Awards. Prototype 2 will be a sequel of its first series. The game is under development by Redical Entertainment and will be published in 2012 by Activision.

The game will feature a new character named Sergeant James Heller. Hellers family was killed in the outbreak of Black Virus and Now he wants to kill Mercer and he is the new protagonist. Like Mercer, James will be able to shift his shape and assume other peoples identity. The new protagonist will be able to use weapons such as canons from tank to use against enemies. He can also use sneak up attacks to enemies or inject virus to blow the enemies. The powers will be more meaningful and players will decide the mutations and upgrades of Heller.

Players will be able to choose missions as this time missions will not deliver by person rather like open world system Heller will choose his own missions by a hacking into a BlackNet which shows the military operations. With the help of BlackNet, Heller tries to disrupt military operations and takes control and with this he can find peoples who can help him to learn more about his condition and to learn more about Alex Mercer. There will be a lot of substitute missions that Heller can choose and it will also help Heller to learn more about the BLACKWATCH.

The game will take place 14 month after the event of Prototype. New York is now New York Zero and divided into three parts. Red Zone, Home of Mercer I think you can understand what will happen there. Yellow Zone where now all the poor people’s lives and it is very crowded, there will be a little growth of virus there. Last is Green Zone and as the name goes it is like non-infected New York City. Sub missions will be available in each part and difficulties will be based on which part of city it takes place. NYZ is now belongs to Mercer and Heller is after him.

The trailer looks good and seems like Heller is much stronger then Mercer. Like moment when Heller stands before Mercer, Eye to eye, the battle for revenge is about to begin and like Heller said …The Defeat will be painful now.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

This year at E3 Activation made some huge announcements and one of them is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 aka COD: MW3. MW3 will be developed by Infinity Ward and also Raven Software and Sledgehammer Games will work as assistant developer. This game will be the eighth installment of COD series and the third installment of Modern Warfare series.

As you have already got that this will be a first person shooter like all other MW’s but to take it to the top from other FPS Infinity ward revealed that MW3 will run at 60FPS. MW3 will feature a new survival mode, not like the one from COD: WAW Zombie mode, rather it will be one or two players will fight against endless waves of enemies and for each waves the difficulty will be harder. The enemies spawn location won’t be fixed as it will spawn on tactical locations based on player’s location. You will be able to play this mode on all the maps of multiplayer menu. By killing enemies you can earn cash and with it you will be able to buy weapons, ammos and upgrades.

Developers have revealed that they are making changes in multiplayer kill streak system. As I do not actually know about the full information about the changes i will state it later as for now I heard quick scoping has returned.
The game starts from the event of MW2 and the character from the Task Force 141 Captain John returns with some new playable characters including Sandman, Frost and Marcus burns.

Thanks To Ayrtizle For This Video

Trailers from E3 look really cool. Looks like war is on in the land of NY, Partners throwing ammo magazines looks awesome, Train chase with the truck delivers breath taking actions overall the trailer is superb and the game will be a masterpiece for sure. Can’t wait for this war to begin in our home LED’s as it will hit all the high-end Consoles with PC in November 8 – 2011.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

In this November Betheseda Softworks is going to publish another great adventure game from the game series Elder Scrolls, The Elder Scrolls V SkyRim. The game is under development by Betheseda Game Studios and like previous TES this will also be an open world role playing game. This game will hit the major consoles and pc in 11/11/11.

Like other TES game Skyrim’s game play is also an open world game. In which player can go any where and do what ever he wants. SkyRim will have 5 major cities where player can complete activities like farming, cooking, woodcutting and mining. Levels will be gained by raising skills. There will be 18 types of skill available in SkyRim. The class system from the previous series has been removed. There will be a skill tree with 280 perks which players can gain in each level. Players will be able to use dual weapons and also can create them. Sprint and Jumps will cost Stamina as usual. For bashing attacks Shields can be used. Each weapon will have its own advantage and roles. For each different weapon players will get different finishing moves. Over 80 types of spell will be available for use in close or range combat. Each spell will have its different effect as fire will damage through burning but will also ignite the environment. Arrows will deal a great damage and will cost high. Daggers will be a great weapon when it’s used in sneak attack. SkyRim will use a NPC system called Radiant Story, where Npc will interact with its environment. Npc will start conversation with player, request a favor or even challenge for dual.

The game takes place 200 years after the event of Ovlivion. After the death of its King SkyRim is now turned into a place of civil war and the Alduin has risen. He takes a form of a dragon to destroy the world and you are the last living Dovahkin who can stop him.

The game play trailers looks awesome, Environment graphics looks really amazing, the snow fall seems pretty real, the water fall gives a nice view. The battle with monster looks almost real, sneak attacks are cool and the magic attacks are looking great too.

Finally I think this game is going to be awesome and I think if you got enough cash with yourself go for it now or get ready to make some in this summer as come Fall we need to crash the party of this evil Dragon.

THOR: God of Thunder

In 1962 a super hero started his journey through a comic named Journey into Mystery. The creator of this super hero was Stan lee and he named him Thor. He was a son of Odin and Odin wanted his son to taught humility and placed him in a human body named Donald Blake. Blake was a medical student and when he became a doctor he went on a vacation in Norway. In here he witnessed an alien invasion. For saving his life he fled to a cave and discovered the mighty hammer of Thor Mjolnir. When he strikes it against a rock he transforms into a god of Thunder and defeated the aliens. After that incident Blake realizes that he is the mighty Thor the Norse God of Thunder from the Asgard. From then he lives among the human, joining forces like The Avengers to save the earth.

As a Norse God of Thunder Thor many god like powers. He can sense objects traveling faster then lighting. He can hear cries from other planets, can travel through time, can regenerate wounds of his body from the power of his hammer, he is immune to all the earthly diseases. Thor can transform in to a state called Warrior’s Madness which increases his strength and stamina ten times temporarily but when he is in this state he attacks everyone. Thor has the power to summon lightning, rain, wind and even snow with his hammer. Thor can lift an entire building with the power of wind and destroy it. Thor posses some control over the Earth as he is the son of Gaea.

That’s only the starting of Thor’s story for further stay tuned as the Thor is about to blow your consoles in this May 3, 2011. Thor God of Thunder is a game based on the up coming film Thor. This is the first standalone appearance of Thor in a videogame. The game is developed by Liquid Entertainment for the Ps3 and Xbox 360 version and Red Fly Studios for the Wii version. The game will be published under the name of Sega.

You will play as Thor and use his mighty Hammer to devastate enemies with his melee combos, hammer throw and blow them with the power of wind or destroy them with other elemental powers. You will earn Valor points by killing enemies and with valor point you will level up, acquire new powers, abilities and also weapon upgrades. Play the part of Odin’s son and be the ruler of Asgard.

As you guys already know that a movie is on the way but the game story is different as here Thor will be battling through numerous worlds of Norse mythology from the pages of the Comics. The Trailer seems good more like the battle system reminds me of DMC or GOW but you will find something new too as jump to the sky attack (that’s what I call it), ultimate power of wind and thunder attack and might be more to come in upcoming trailers. Although some gamers is already giving it a thumbs down I would like to tell you guys just wait for it and let it release. It is not that bad at all that you put it on the negative side, rather from the trailers I as a fan of Avengers really would love to play as this is the first stand alone game of Thor and will love to play his part from the comics. So In my point of view this game may rather not rock but will be a good start of Thor’s game series.

Alice: Madness Returns

After 11 years Alice will be back in action in the up coming game Alice: Madness Returns. This game is a sequel of American McGee’s Alice which was released only in PC in October 6 2000. Before further a do I would like to share some experience from American McGee’s Alice.

AMA was a third person action game which was developed by Rouge Entertainment and published under the name of EA. The game took place in the universe named Wonderland. Story of that game was like Wonderland is taken over by the Queen of Heart and Alice have to save it with a help from her companion Cheshire Cat. The graphics works were really good and it received ratings like 9.4 out of 10 from IGN, 7.3 from GameSpot, 10 from GameZone and 8 from Eurogamer.

So after 11 long year’s gamers will have the chance to play as Alice in the land called Wonderland and this time the game will hit the consoles also. Alice: Madness Returns will be released for Pc, Ps3 and Xbox 360 in June 14th, 2011. The story of the game takes place after 11 years from the first game AMA. Alice is now released from Rutledge Asylum. She is in the care of London psychiatrist but the memory of her parent’s death still haunts her. So to get away from her hallucinations and internal struggle she returns to Wonderland. But once again Wonderland has been warped and Alice has to save everyone and herself. She also has to find the real reason of her parent’s death as the haunt continues.

The Trailer looks really cool, the graphics work is awesome and movements are quite nice, flying butterflies and cards here and there, Shattering glass and the chase look stunning, battle system is nice also. Just check the trailer and you will see the real deal. This game is looking really good. I am ready for this action and will be on the spot to get it as soon as its out.

Want to Pre – Order it Just Go Here

Captain America Super Soldier

There are very few gamers who don’t know about the Captain America. Before the big news I would like to write something about the Captain America.

Captain America a superhero from marvel comics created by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon. Steve Roger is the man behind the Shield of America. He was a sickly young man and was experimented with an element called Super Soldier Serum to make him the perfect human soldier. This serum didn’t provide him any super hero ability but made him perfect specimen of human development and conditioning. Super Soldier Serum took his speed, strength, endurance, agility, durability and healing at the highest limit of natural human potential. Captain America uses a shield as his main weapon. This shield was created from an experimental alloy of steel and fictional vibranium. With this Shield Roger can block attacks or even bullets and he also can throw it to destroy enemy tanks or weapons. Without his trade mark shield Roger sometime uses another shield called Energy shield. For protection Captain’s armor is built with a fire-retardant material and he also wears a bulletproof light weight vest beneath his uniform. Captain America uses custom built Harley Davidson specially builds by S.H.I.E.L.D as a vehicle.

So much for the history of Captain America, Now it is time for to relive his story as SEGA already announced the up coming game called Captain America Super Soldier and the game is based on the story of the upcoming movie Captain America The First Avenger which will also be released in summer 2011. The game is developed by Next Level Games and will be published by SEGA. This game will be releasing on July 19th for Ps3, Xbox 360, DS, 3DS and Wii.

Get ready to play as the legendary Captain America, feel the super power of the super soldier, wield the Star Marked Shield and throw it to destroy every enemy weapon or block all enemy attacks or take out even group of enemies. Try Cap’s impressive athletic abilities to complete every environmental challenge you face in the game. Play the Movie Be Captain America.

Watch the Trailer and Wait for the Legendary Cap to hit your console this summer.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Transformer game series started its journey from year 2007 based on the first Transformer movie. The game was developed by Traveller’s Tales for the Consoles, Vicarious Visions for Nintendo Ds and Savage Entertainment for PSP and was published by Activision. The console version is different then the NDS version as the NDS version was named Transformer Autobots and Transformer Decepticons. Vicarious Visions divided the main game into two versions for NDS, in one you play as Autobots and in other one you chose to take the dark path of Decepticons. On the other hand PSP version is fully different and you can play only one storyline and you can play as 23 characters including previous generation characters and the PSP version has the most playable characters and some non related stories than the other versions.

Transformer The Game received an average reception from all around the gaming world and with such reception after 2 years Activation came up with a sequel Transformer Revenge of the Fallen. This was also based on the Transformer movie series. Developers were separated just like the first version. Ps3 and 360 versions were developed by Loxoflux, Pc version by Beenox Studios and Krome Studio developed the Ps2 and Wii version. PSP and NDS versions were developed by the same developer who developed the first game series. Revenge of the Fallen contains two separate campaigns where you can play as Autobots or Decepticons. This game received mixed reviews with scores like 4 out 10 from Eurogamer, 6 out 10 from IGN and 7.5 out 10 from GameSpot.

Activation now presents Transformer Dark of the moon which is under development by High Moon Studios and will release June 2011. This game will be a prequel to the upcoming Transformer movie named same as the game title.

This game features a new mode called Stealth Force in which Charecters will instantly combined its weapon and vehicle mode and player will enjoy the ultimate power of Autobots and feel the rage of speed together. This game will feature locations like the jungles of South America, Detroit Cityscapes, Siberian military facilities and more. Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron, Ironhide, Stratosphere, Starscream, Soundwave, Ratchet, Warpath, Laserbeak, Mixmaster and Shockwave have been confirmed to be in the game.

The trailer looks awesome and I am feeling the new stealth mode action is going to change the ratings of this game. In trailer Megatron is looking stronger and Bee seems to be cooler then ever. I can’t wait for the both movie and the game as like both trailers are awesome and breath taking. Just hoping best for the game as I already know movie is going to rock.

DMC Devil May Cry

Who doesn’t know about Dante or I mean the Devil May Cry, One of the best game that I have ever played in my life. Dante the main character of this game is the coolest character made by Capcom others are cool too But there is no one who can match Dante. Devil may cry first approached on ps2 in 2001 and was developed and published by Capcom. The game was all about Dante seeking for revenge from the demons that killed his mother. The game was full of action and heavy combats. The reason why Dante is so much special is because of his style of action, the way he battles and the way he moves like super rock star looks really amazing and the way he uses his demon sword is simply awesome.

After the massive success from the first game, Devil May Cry 2 comes out at 2003. It was a sequel but it’s chronologically the 4th game of the Devil May Cry series. In this game apart from Dante, another character was available named Lucia and they are out to stop Arius from raising a demon called Argosax. This game also had good response.

Then after 2 years comes out one of the best game in the platform of Ps2, Devil May Cry 3. Devil may cry 3 was something really special and if you saw the opening sequence of that game then you will get it. The game was really outstanding and the improvement was praised by the world. The game was challenging and also it was cooler then all others in the series. Just look at the intro and if you missed it go for it now and play it.

Thanks to FFVIIFreak for the Video:

In the Next installment the game starts with nice opening sequence with a guy looks like Dante but with a devil hand but yes Dante doesn’t have any devil hand so who is he, He is Nero and he is also cool character in the Devil May Cry 4 which was released in 2008 for the Xbox 360, Ps3 and Pc. You play half the game as Nero and Half of it as Dante, Nero is cool but no where near Dante. The game was really good and it received like 8 out of 10 in the gaming world but I would rate it as 9 as the new character was really good, the upgrades were awesome and Dante’s upgrade was stunning and the game was full of actions.

Before the big news I would really like to describe Dante as the news is fully related with him. Dante is a specialized paranormal demon killer, who looks really cool with a white hair, blue eyes and wearing red trench coat, carries a demon sword and guns which never needs to reload. This guy is full of style, the way he walks, carries his sword, uses his guns, shows of his moves, delivers his words and everything he does made him one of the most stylish character in the world of gaming.

Now for the big news is Devil may cry is back and it is named DMC and will be a remake of the first Devil May Cry. The game will be published by Capcom but it will be developed by Ninja Theory. The game was announced by Capcom in the last year September with a nice trailer. But what makes me mad is Dante is looking like a young kid. I really didn’t like the way the developers made his younger look. He is no where near the real Dante but the trailer shows the style of Dante and its looking good for me. The way he uses his gun and the way he smokes is really cool. After playing DMC4 I thought Capcom will come with another installment with Nero and Dante as their team was really good. But after the TGS 2010 all my hopes were washed out. Now I hope Ninja Theory would make this game even better but it will be impossible to replace Dante with this younger version of him….Lets hope for the best.

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