Best Weapons:
Six Shooter: You can get it by killing the Cowboy Security Guard.
Boxing Gloves + Knives: Manufacture weapon.
Dynamite + Meat Flesh: Manufacture weapon.
Sniper Gun: By killing the nasty sniper buddies.
Paddle Saw: Manufacture weapon
Katana sword: By killing those sexy girls.

Special Items:
Kill 10 psychopaths to get the Convict Outfit
Wear all the clothes in the game to get Dealer Outfit
To get TIR Helmet Earn 1,000,000 in TIR online
To get TIR Outfit Earn 5,000,000 in TIR online
Kill with every melee weapon to get Hockey Mask
Rescue 50 survivors to get the Mall Outfit
Win TIR online to get Champion’s Jacket

To get some easy cash just walk around the casinos and you will see some atm machines just hit it and you will get $2500 but if you have the Hacker (Flash light + computer) use it and you will get $5000.

You can get some cash in front of the slot machines and if you use them just at the same slot machine you can earn more.

If you want to get a lot of PP Just go in the Maintenance room that’s at the right side of Atlantica Casino and use the dynamite with the meat and use it to kill all the zombies around you in Fortune Park. You can use it as many times you want just have to get in the casino after you used it then come out and you will get the items again.

To get more money Just get the gambling magazines and use it on the large heart shaped slot machine in the Slot ranch casino. Use $1000 and in ten minuets you will get like 1,000,000. Just don’t get upset if you don’t win at first but you will win after few tries.

Free Zombrex:
In Slot ranch casino go to behind the stage jump up the boxes and you will find a zombrex.

Yucatan casino you can see some boxes in the middle like pyramids just get up their and you will find a zombrex and a machine gun.

You can find a zombrex in the underground just use the bike and check you will get one.

In Americana casino go to Bennie Jack’s BBQ Shack go up then jump to the lights and go on you will find a zombrex.

In Royal Flush Plaza defeat the Postal worker.

Some Videos for your help:

Thanks to hayabusaDGO for the video