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ProFlight Simulator Review


Finally a Flight Simulator which really helps to learn and feel the real excitement of flying an airplane. Yes indeed I am speaking about the new ProFlight Simulator.

I know there are a lot of questions but let me explain few experience of mine about this game. First of all, you can learn flying from many simulators but here you can try planes from 1903 Wright Flyer to modern Jet eagles. As this game got more then 20 thousands of airports you maybe got lucky to find one from your own country. The main attraction is about the World wide Terrain is actually based on the US Defense Mapping Agency and I think you know how accurate they are.

This game lets you fly the airplanes from all over the world from your own computer. Feel the open air, enjoy the night sky, watch the cars head light flashing and enjoy the lighting of your city from the sky as you never seen before. When flying in thunder storm, feel the power of thunder, don’t be afraid of the thunder lights or you will loose the control, always remember that you got peoples on-board (Nice Joke). But pilots have to look after these thing and we don’t. So fly around where ever you want, See the wonders of the world. Fly around the Eiffel Tower, experience the beauty of Taj Mahal. Land in the middle of Amazon as no ones going to stop you.

The game detects the time from your computer for reality experience. As if its night in your place the game will start at night too and you can always change the time as well. It also takes account the seasonal effects as in November you will find snow all over the US, by the way don’t look for Santa because as the developers didn’t add him in the night winter sky. Jokes apart, the game is as real as it follows the course of sun, moon and the stars also. Your 100% free to fly any where in the world and see the entire world from your own computer. Did you ever get a chance to feel the flight experience in stormy weather situation, if not its your chance to feel and enjoy the stormy flight experience from your own computer without any risk as its too risky in stormy flight now a days. You’re in the control of weather also so change the weather as you wish to fly in any where.

This is the only chance for you where you can try so many planes as professional pilots are only able to fly a single type of plane in which they are expert. But in this you can try any type of plane and some airplanes are unknown to you surely.

I forget to add that you can also try many Helicopters including medical and special military helicopters. Missing your old school or collage just fly over it and enjoy the view from the sky or if you’re lucky you can also watch your own home from the sky. Test your flying skill as the controls are as real as original. Feel the beauty of night lighting from the sky and enjoy the runway lighting’s too. Also get a 3D cockpit view from your own computer which is also real as well.

Finally multiplayer made this game more exciting as you can fly with your friends together, create formations, or fly military fighters together in the open sky. Find your friends with the real time google based map as it shows you and your friend’s exact location.
Lastly I can say that this is the game for real flight lovers. Free to fly any where, show your skills, try the air to air refueling and enjoy the thrilling view. The game is good and the best in flight Simulating, So Sit back and Enjoy the Sky High Fun of the world from your own PC.

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Mortal Kombat Review

One of the most exciting fighting games is back from the past. Mortal Kombat started its game series journey from 1992 and those days it was one of the best fighting game in arcade and later on consoles. From then Mk delivers an eight series of fighting games from different developers. Finally after Midway got bankrupt Warner grab the title and throws a title that all fighting game lovers were waiting Mortal Kombat (2011). As you already know that Mk was a fighting game but with a superb story of the Elder Gods and Realms and some young courageous fighters like Liu kang, Kung lao and Cage. But as the series progresses from 1992 in some version Mk developers forget the story part and made it just a fighting platform game. Now WB took a step to redo all the mistake that was destroying MK and delivers Mk 2011 with a superb story mode where you will learn the story of the characters and make the difference.

The story mode starts from the last version of MK series, MK Armageddon, Where all the realms warriors are dead. Only Rayden and Shao khan left and the final battle is almost at the end with Rayden got only little breath left on him sends a message to himself to the past and Walla you are in the first battle of Mortal Kombat Tournament. Chapter One: Jonny Cage, You will be in the battle with Reptile controlling Cage and he is easy to beat and the way Jonny acts is very funny and also cool. After that battle you’re up against Barracka and its easy battle too. Beat him up and Cage is on his way to date Sonya, but before that Rayden congratulates Cage for his good fighting skills and tells him that he must always be ready to fight for the Earth Realms and Cage won’t understand and ignores Rayden. When cage tries to ask Sonya for a date he finds out that Sonya is an Undercover and here to rescue her partner Jax. Now comes Kano and throws you down luckily Cage grabs the ledge of the wall and comes back for a battle and you’re on. Beat him to start the 2nd Chapter with Sonya. This is how the story progresses,

Play along the story and you will be amazed to realize how the story developed as I felt really exciting playing the story mode. All chapters are related to each characters story, I like the Sub Zero and Scorpions battles, Jax and Cage they both are real funny fighting for Sonya Blade. I recommend every MK lovers try the story mode to learn the stories of every character from MK.

First menu named Fight, where you can choose your character to play the bottom to top ladder system battles from the previous version. Fight your way to the boss to see the ending of your character. Every other character got their own endings over the fight menu. If you scroll through player option you can get to play up to 4 player option with versus battles. In fight menu you can play other mini games like test your might from previous games or test your sight (This 1’s new) and some more.

Without the story mode and fight menu, you can play Challenge mode which is also the ladder game mode from previous MK game series. Here you have to go through some series of tutorials and go for 100 of exciting challenges to beat the boss. Other then there is an online menu to play online versus and extra options where you can unlock loads of components.

The Fighting Style reminds me of the first few installments of the MK series. Thanks to the developers to bring back the 2d platforms. The characters signature moves still remain but the special X-ray moves made the game awesome. Every different character got their own X-ray moves. There is a bar on the left bottom side for your character when it becomes full you can hit the X-ray move. Cage’s X-ray move is real fun.

The Story mode graphics is good enough, but I think they could make the characters look better as like Shaolin Monk. Liu Kang, Kung Lao or Sonya, I liked the character design of Sonya from MK1 and Both Shaolin looked really best in MK Shaolin Monk. Other then X-ray mode graphics is super cool.

The ps3 version got its own charecter Kratos !!! Coooooooool i didn’t played it yet but soon i will write more info about the Ps3 version without some DLC characters everything seems to be same.

Finally I can say that this game is one of the best games in MK series and the story mode is really an amazing idea from the developer. I got only 1 complain about this, please next make the character design better. Other than the game is superb and I score it 8.5.

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Wwe All Stars Review

Wwe All Star is all about the fun of arcade gaming. The game is good and the rooster is perfect for an arcade battle between the Wwe Legends and the Wwe SuperStars. The game is developed by THQ Sandiego team and published under the name of THQ.

The game starts with a menu where you can select Exhibition match, Path of the Championship, Online and Fantasy Warfare. For the first time you can start with the exhibition menu where you can learn some moves with your buddies on other control. As there is no tutorial menu this is the best way to learn the moves before you start the Path of the Championship. Path of the Championship is the next menu in your list and here you will find 3 stories to play. First story is about defeating the Undertaker and when you start playing it you will see a very familiar face, yes its Paul who welcomes you and then comes out of the cascade the Undertaker throws some words to you. After the nice scene you will have to face 9 wrestling matches and some of them will be 3 or 4 man elimination match or some will be extreme rule matches. Every time you beat wrestlers the game gets harder so make good use of your fingers as the game is fast. When you beat the 5th or 6th match you will see another video from Undertaker. The stories are very interesting and fun. After the Undertaker story you can start the next that’s Randy Ortan the legend killer’s story. This story mode is nice too. Last one and I think the best one that is Tag Team story and you will face the best ever tag team DX. Shawn and Hunter video is pretty cool and its so much funny. They both rocks so play it and you will have serious fun. This story is the best from all of them.

Fantasy Warfare the next menu is a fight between the Legend and the Wwe SuperStar. The first match is really funny Shams Vs Ultimate Warrior, I really like Ultimate warrior and the way he fights, he was strong and too awesome but how could they match Shams (that’s what I call him) with a superb wrestler like Warrior that’s not right. After that match you will find some more legendary matches and go for it as playing these games in arcade mode is only possible Wwe All Stars.

So much for the menu, now the graphics and game play. First the Game Play for an arcade mode game is good. As the game is a fast paced and the moves are rocking. I really like the way The Rock delivers his Rock Bottom. All the special moves got a high jumping style and it looks great. The bone cracking attacks are cool too. Don’t worry as you would not see any power use or anything most unusual like the past wrestling arcade games. Hulk and Randy looks great and after so long time all wwe fans can get their hands on them to play matches with them. The entrances of the wrestlers are too short according to me, they could have made it more better, the moves are good but every wrestler got some common moves, they could have add more and separate moves to every other wrestlers too add some more fun in the game but the signatures still rocks.

The graphics is like cartoon type. I think you can not expect more from a wrestling arcade game. The wrestler looks like the Action Figures as they are all pumped and huge. The wrestlers remind me of some great wrestlers like Goldberg or Lesnar as they were huge normally. The slow motion mode when hitting the finisher or the signature looks pretty awesome. I think they could have made some wrestlers a little smaller as now Kofi or Shawn looks same as the Big Show.

Finally I suggest to all the gamers if you want to have some arcade fun this game is for you my friends but beware as the loading time of this game is so long and there isn’t any option menu to change the controls or you won’t be able to find any tutorial, so may be they will add this menus in the next installment. I rate this one as 7 out of 10. Last words the game is real fun, party playing will make this game more fun and for an arcade wrestle type game Wwe All Stars is good enough.

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Fight Night Champion review

Fight Night Champion the game released in this March by EA sports will change the view of Boxing games for real. In my point this game is truly amazing.

The game starts with a fight where you have to battle in a Jail boxing fight, bare handed and you have to win it. After the fight it you can carry on with the on going champion mode or try the menu. If you carry on with the champion mode you will find that you’re playing a role of a boxer called Andre Bishop who started his boxing carrier some weeks ago and now is in the jail for nothing. Now you have to play Bishop’s flashback stories where a series of events will happen and also with some breath taking boxing matches. Breath taking I used this word because the boxing fights will take your breath away as in one fight you will find out that while punching Bishop breaks his right arm now you have to win the match just using your right arm, in another fight your coach will come in the ring after the round and will tell you that you have to win by knock out or else you will lose as some one already had bought the judge so you have no other way to win the match. I will not tell you the full story of the champion mode as it can spoil the excitement of this game but for sneak peak in a part of the story you will find out that Bishop faces his younger brother for the No 1 contender and Bishop will lose the match for his younger brother’s dream. The champion or story mode is really emotional and will take you to the place of Bishop for real as you will feel that you are in the fight.

Champion mode will rock your world for sure apart from that there is a fight now mode to play in One on One fights, Legacy mode where you choose a boxer from the rooster or you can create your own boxer and fight your way to the top or join the live modes to fight with worlds greatest fighters in the ring.

Now let’s roll on to the graphics and its way better then all other game from the series. Punches looks real and too much bleeding will knock you out from the match. Floors will be filled with blood drops if you make your opponent bleed. The boxer short looks really nice. Champion mode cut scene graphics is awesome and most of the times you will feel like watching a movie.

You will be happy to here that there is no more complex control which messed up the previous series. This time you can throw every punch just using the direction of your analogue stick or you can use buttons also. For defensive mode you can use the upper LT/L2 to dodge or RT/R2 to block your opponents punch. The new control system will give you extreme reflex and flashing speed to defeat your opponent. Do not try to just punch your opponent rapidly as it can consume all your stamina. If your stamina is too low you’re in deep danger as your opponent can knock you out in a single blow so look after your stamina while you’re fighting.

If you want play in pro mode, Some times boxers will throw all at you and you have to stick around to win those matches, as if you had a cut they will try to knock you down or throw rapid punches in your cut to make you bleed and referee will stop the fight and disqualify you. So move around, look for the open space and counter punch your opponent down.

My suggestion to all gamers who didn’t tried this game yet will be, Get yourself a very comfy couch, take some snacks and then start playing this awesome boxing game because it won’t be possible for any gamer to move at least for 5 hours as Champion mode will take those time of yours in a flash and I am sure that you won’t be able to move your butt before finishing the champion mode.

Lastly I will add only one thing that bugs me in this game is sometime referee will block your screen and you won’t be able to see your boxer apart from it, I can say that this game is the best in the Fight Night Series. The story mode is rocking, controls are better then ever, graphics looks stunning, game modes are good, I did not tried the live mode yet but it seems live will be more fun with such entertainment this game deserves 9 out 10 and if you didn’t played it yet go get it now.

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood review

From Far Cry to Prince of Persia Ubi Soft delivered awesome games one after another and from late 2007 they delivered one of the best game series Assassin’s Creed. The game was indeed a big hit among all the gamers. After that Assassin’s Creed II was released in late 2009 and this game really changed the view of all the gamers. The graphics work was so amazing. You will be amazed by the work of the developers and the way the story progresses you won’t be able to stop yourself to finish the game. After completing Creed II I was really waiting for the next and finally I got it in this year.

Last Year November Ubi Soft delivered another amazing, breath taking, awesome with super graphics Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. The game starts at the ending sequence of Creed II, Then Ezio goes back to his home and some stunning cut scene with Catharina and I think Ezio deserves it as what hard work he has done but not for long the sequence ends with a bang of cannon ball breaking Ezio’s room. Now you have to run towards the cannon to help your country and then another cut scene and you will find out that Mario is dead and Borgia got the apple and you have to flee from here with your family. Now back to the future you have to follow the shadows its like tutorial for some new stuff added on brotherhood. After you get the electricity you’re back to the past again and you will be in one of the most beautiful city Roma. From now the game will start and Ezio wants to take back the apple and revenge the death of Mario.

Roma is taken over by Borgia soldiers. You will find 12 districts in Roma and each of them are under the control of two Borgia towers and while the towers stand, soldiers are around, shops are closed and banks never been opened. So to renovate them like the 2nd sequel you have to assassinate the Captain of Each tower and then burn the tower down. Every time you burn a tower you will see I short sequence Ezio jumping out from the tower and I really love it so much, the way developers made the sequence with Ezio’s eagle jump that’s what I call it. After burning the towers you can renovate every shop in that particular area and you will also receive cash from the renovation time after time and you can withdraw it from the bank. By the way you can also buy stables.

As story progress you will discover more about who is behind all this and who is the traitor. There are also some very interesting side quests too. At the story progress you will find a very similar face who helped all the way in the Assassin Creed 2, didn’t you remember him Leonardo, You will find that he is been working for the Borgia making machine guns and here he helps you again with your tools but you have to buy them from him and he also gives you the location of those machine guns to destroy them.

Man I forget to tell you the most important thing about this game and it’s the battle system as now when you’re fighting you can call Assassin Clans to help you and you can recruit assassins by helping them all around the Roma, once you help each of them, they will join your assassin group. More towers are destroyed more Assassins can be recruited and you can also send them to the various missions through out the world by the contract option. There will be several pigeon coop where you can upgrade your assassins and send them to missions and they can earn exp and money according to objectives. When you send your assassins to missions they will be unavailable as long as the time they take to complete that mission. When I first tried this option I was really amazed to see way they comes and attack, Jumping from the walls, riding horses or jumps out of no where, you will get stunned for sure that how they came to help you out. As this title got 12 districts all round the Roma, Developers made traveling easy for gamers this time as they added teleporting system through introducing Tunnel entrance but to active this tunnels you have to kill the Tower captain and burn the tower down. By the way Desmond will still be around in the future and you will get control him for some time and then again he will be on Animus, going on a journey with Ezio.

Assassin Creed game series is an epic historical name and this sequel added more spice in this awesome series. Brotherhood the name is about unity and this title is full of uniting all the assassins, thieves, and all others and prepare for a war. The side quests are more interesting then ever.

I know I am little late with this review but as I was little busy and with so many new game release I thought I would play this when I am full free so I played and the game is rocking. This game got everything, as Creed 2 never left from my head this title made the full story sticky to my brains and will never left.

With such a brilliant graphics this game really rules and the new virtual training ground is very good for new gamers to train the new moves, ranged weapons and pistols. The Ubi soft did a stunning job with the game and the way the story progress you will never get bored. The game will take you to the real classical Rome city, where you can walk around with the people, throw money here and there and enjoy how peoples are after it, Jump to a boat and row around the city, walk around the most beautiful Coliseum in the world or jump around to it what you can never to in your real life.

I know some of you will feel like it’s almost same as Creed 2 but please play it and you will get what I am talking about and I also think its similar but with the introduction of all the new options will throw you out of your world and you will feel like walking around the roads of Rome. This game is really rocking and gamers if you haven’t played it yet, go for it now. I am scoring this game 9 out of 10 and really

CastleVania Lords of Shadow review

CastleVania is one of the best games developed by Konami. It was first release on FDS and the game was very cool with full of action adventure with enemies like werewolf’s, Vampiric Bat’s, Mummies, Medusas and the Dracula. The game was very good and the music was awesome. The 2d version of early 90’s been an epic and as it was one of my first game that I had played and I really liked it. After that I get the chance to play the CastleVania : Curse of the Darkness (2005) on my ps2 and as first 3d vania the game was good and the battle system was most likely as Dynasty Warrior. I never get the chance to play any other version of CastleVania.

After five years I am now playing CastleVinia : Lords of Shadow. The game starts with a voice of an old man reading a book (The voice is just like Gandalf) you will see Gabrial in his horse going to a forest where you have to fight with some wolves and lastly the beast. Its like a tutorial stage where you will learn how to fight, dodge attacks, special moves and you will learn that Gabrial is using Cross shaped weapon where in the Curse of the darkness you can’t use it with the main character as he wasn’t from the Belmont’s. So after the tutorial the real story begins. It seems like the story plot is not a part from the original series. It’s like Earth and havens alliance is in danger and the Dark lord is rising to destroy the earth. Evil creatures is all over and killing living peoples and Gabrial who is a member of the Brotherhood of light is protecting innocent peoples from this evil creatures. His wife was killed by some of them. As dark lord spell has stopped the souls from leaving Gabrial’s wife is now stuck as nor dead or alive. Now it’s up to Gabrial to investigate this spell and stop the Lord of shadow and save the world.

From here the game starts as the story progress you can use your exp points to learn new combos and spells. The Graphics work of this game is really awesome and I felt like I am in the Lands of the Lord of the Ring. The battle system is good and you will think it’s like God of war or Devil may cry. I did too. The game is full of wolves, ogres, bats, spiders and titans …about the Titans when you meet one of them in the snow field after killing it I am sure you will think about the Shadow of Colossus. The jumping around swinging thinks is as same as the Prince of Persia series or God of War. The puzzle system is brought from the original series and it’s really good.

This is a very big game with a 12 chapter in it and each chapter consists of at least 3 or 4 levels. So it’s like to complete it you have to play 50 levels. I am playing this game and I have already completed 5 chapters and I found the story is very nice and with so much beautiful graphics you will never get bored. As the game progress you will encounter new characters that will help you and sometime you will be shocked by the cut scenes that you have killed your friend in a dream but also in reality. Yes as I said the story is very good and with all the things I recommend gamers to play this if you like action – adventure games. I know some gamers will think that there is no compare of GOW or DMC …I believe it too but this is something you must try and I know you will like it

I must add something also that I didn’t like. Some puzzles were really boring and you must have to complete it.

Finally I can say it’s a good action adventure game with great graphic and cool music. So in my point of view I rate this game as good with 7.5 and recommended it to all the gamers who like action – adventure.

Fable 3 review

Fable the name says it all. Gamers of the world all know this game by its name as its last installment was pretty good and rated almost 9.0. The last fable 2 was a game where everything was possible. You can choose your own path there. Be a Evil lord or Be a hero to save peoples ….be a business man and earn cash all the time …move around in the world of fable or enjoy the views.

Now From the publication of Microsoft Loinhead comes with the new Fable 3. The game starts with the nice opening where a chicken tries to get free. Its a very funny opening and i really liked it. From that scene the Castle of Fable 3 is shown. Young prince is sleeping with his dog and his butler Jugler is here to wake him up as its already morning. The prince gets up and then he dressed up and has to meet with his friend. So the same old follow the golden glitters path meet his friend. Then young prince knows how the Albion people are feeling about the decision made by his big brother the Evil Prince Logan. Then its tutorial time where the Young prince is trained by his fathers loyal knight G. here you will learn how to fight in this game. Now the Knight wanted to talk with Logan and tell the young prince to stay behind of this but when the Knight and Logan is taking.Prince and his friend was eavesdropping and heard that Logan wants to kill the villagers who is against him. Then the prince get involved and the evil Logan doesn’t want to listen his brothers good thoughts and then Logan tells Prince that this is all because of his friend that he is against his big brother and orders soldiers to kill all the peoples and prince friend. Now Logan played a game here with his younger brother that Choose one of them or the soldiers will kill all. Now you have to choose Your Friend or Innocent Peoples. As i was like totally on with the story I was like what to do whom to choose … I wasn’t able to decide then Logan started counting and said his going to count for 5 if I were unable to decide then he is going to kill them all…and I wasn’t able to decide i thought something will happened and they both going to be saved but they all got killed. Now the Young prince escapes with his butler and knight …The knight know a place where the King wanted his young son to visit and carry the Guild Seal that the King carried when he was a HERO. Now the Prince takes the Seal and becomes the Hero that Albion peoples need to save them from the Evil king Logan. Prince and his companion runs for the exit through the cave and ends up in a sanctuary. I believe the item menu was changed with this sanctuary, where you can change dress in dressing room, get weapons from weapon room and so on. Your Butler Juglar stays here and you can teleport to the places you have been here fast by just using the map in the Sanctuary. Now The Journey began and Prince is out with his knight to gather soldiers to start a rebellion and save the Albion people from the Evil King

The story of the game is awesome. as the story progress you can visit many cities and villages. You can help peoples by taking additional quest. you can chat with peoples, dance with them, hug them, make friends, buy houses, start your own business, play lutes and earn money, make pie’s and earn money , or be a blacksmith and make weapons to earn money. In additional quest, you can really find some funny ones where you have to wear a chicken suit to find some lost chickens and be a part of a Ghost Play and have some fun wearing ladies clothes. Make friends and get seal points for your weapon to upgrade. With seal points you can get upgrades for your weapon, pistols and magic, You can unlock love , marriage pack and many other unlocks are available at GUILD SEAL world is that what i called it. Each time you progress with the story you will find a portal to this Seal world where you can use your seal points to upgrade and unlock. The games graphic works are the best from the other 2 series of this game. Giving the voice to all the character make the game even better. The dog helps you to find treasures and he can also trace items beneath the ground and barks at the position where you have to dig it out. Walking around the open fields and in the forests or in caves with a dog is kind of really fun when the graphic works are awesome. Some time you have to find lost children where you have to grab their hand and take them to their parents.

In My point The game looks great and its a great fun, making money is not that tough, magic are stronger then ever, Graphics work is best from other Fable’s. No age limitation. Decision making system works pretty well. If you play it with your heart you will be amazed and sometimes you will get stuck on making decision..You’re going to ask yourself what I should do. But if you play with your mind making decision will be lot easier. Some additional quest are funny and I loved them. All over this game is something that everyone should get

Some issues are still bothering me. As the dog sometimes get stuck with rocks and trees. If you want to play with your dog for every decision you make you see a black screen.

Apart from some issues the game is very good and i rate it 8.0 and i also recommend all the gamers Just give it a try and you will feel the world of Fable 3.

As I am still playing it I will write more things that I encounter about it in a few days.

Wwe SmackDown vs Raw 2011 review

WWE started deliverd wrestling games from the title “WWF SMACKDOWN” on the console playstation brought by THQ and it was developed by Yukes Future Media. After that came WWF SMACKDOWN 2 : Know Your Role, Then came WWF SmackDown : Just Bring it on Playstation 2. Those days “Just Bring It” was a big hit in my point of view. As it was released on Ps2 the graphics were little better then the previous ones. Its story plots were better then other wrestling games. “Just Bring It” roster was full of supertars …Rock..Stone Cold….Goldberg…HHH.. Those wrestlers were best that WWE ever got and thier stories were even better. The random stories for each character made the game fan favourite. Even customize wrestlers have random stories each time. The graphics wasn’t that good but hey what else you want in a Ps2. After that succesfull title come “Shut Your Mouth” and then “Here comes the pain” Those were good success too. After those the era of “WWE SmackDown Vs Raw” started in 2005 on Ps2. That was the first title where Smackdowns superstars started battling with the Raw rosters. From then every year WWE delivers SmackDown VS Raw in all consoles by THQ.

This year comes SmackDown Vs Raw 2011 developed by Yukes and its a THQ publication. The roster is full of new superstars from Raw , SmackDown and Ecw and some legends are as always there. Shawn Micheal who already left the WWE is also in the roster of raw maybe because he was a fan favourite of all time and DX won’t be complete without him and without DX its really imposibble to think about WWE as i am a Big and i mean a bigest fan of them.

As from previous release the game starts in a ring with John Cena and Randy orton where you are in control of John and you can train and try the new controling system here. The tutorial will be shown for your help to learn the new fighting system at top right corner. Press Start for the menu. Now at the main menu they changed the Carrear mode in Wwe Universe . I played the Universe little bit and its really cool better then the carrear modes. You can skip or play matchs which ever match you want, you can even chage the superstars from the match and made new riivalries and even get suprised when you see the swapped superstar in the crowd’s first row sitting and showing you the tickets he bought because you changed him from his match. There will be random cut scenes after the matches or at PPV or during the matches and the storyline will carry on with new rivalries and all.

Then you will find Road To Wrestle Mania in the main menu . 5 stories that you can play here. The first one that i already played is Breaking Undertakers winning streak in Wrestlemania. Sorry but there are only some listed superstars that you can play with in this story ..they are John Morrison, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler and a created wrestler of your own. I played it with John and the new stuff that i found here was you can run around the backstage, there is a map at top right corner. You can visit your locker room or go to the training room or disturb the GM or You can talk with the sexy Divas in Divas cornar. You can even start a backstage Brawl with any superstar you find in the Backstage. Now lets get back to the Undertakers task. As story progresses You will find somthing very interesting ..Undertaker tries to control your mind and in a Raw event you find that the map is moving and every one is in a hooded ..all the crowds are even hooded and you fight a battle royal with all the hooded wrestlers but after you won the match everything becomes normal. Some other more intersting new things are included in this story and i reccomand every wreslte lovers you shold try it at least once. at the last you will meet Undertaker in WM and Undertaker comes with a Grand entrance in WM and its like impossible to beat him as i tried like 5 times then finaly i made the 3 count with John morrison. I will say lose atleast one time to see the cut scence cuz its really cool then you can win by load game and get the winning one.

After the Undertakers story can play with Christian that starts with ECW and then John Cena..Rey Mysterio, John and Chris Jericho ..they all got different WM stories. I am playing now Christians story and i find its very cooool and funny as EDGE and Cristian are back together with their Big Glasses and Funny Hats. As i find lot of changes in this game and the graphics are better then ever. The stories of WrestleMania’s are awsome. Universe mode is better then the carrear mode. As i didn’t like the last years wwe game but i am loving SVR 2011 so much and I recommand this to every wreslte game lovers BUY it or Rent it .. Play it and i am sure you will enjoy it.

I will be back with more WWE Smack Vs Raw when completely play the game.

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