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Prototype 2

Activisions another huge announcement in E3 2011 was Prototype 2 which was shown earlier on 2010 Spike VGA Awards. Prototype 2 will be a sequel of its first series. The game is under development by Redical Entertainment and will be published in 2012 by Activision.

The game will feature a new character named Sergeant James Heller. Hellers family was killed in the outbreak of Black Virus and Now he wants to kill Mercer and he is the new protagonist. Like Mercer, James will be able to shift his shape and assume other peoples identity. The new protagonist will be able to use weapons such as canons from tank to use against enemies. He can also use sneak up attacks to enemies or inject virus to blow the enemies. The powers will be more meaningful and players will decide the mutations and upgrades of Heller.

Players will be able to choose missions as this time missions will not deliver by person rather like open world system Heller will choose his own missions by a hacking into a BlackNet which shows the military operations. With the help of BlackNet, Heller tries to disrupt military operations and takes control and with this he can find peoples who can help him to learn more about his condition and to learn more about Alex Mercer. There will be a lot of substitute missions that Heller can choose and it will also help Heller to learn more about the BLACKWATCH.

The game will take place 14 month after the event of Prototype. New York is now New York Zero and divided into three parts. Red Zone, Home of Mercer I think you can understand what will happen there. Yellow Zone where now all the poor people’s lives and it is very crowded, there will be a little growth of virus there. Last is Green Zone and as the name goes it is like non-infected New York City. Sub missions will be available in each part and difficulties will be based on which part of city it takes place. NYZ is now belongs to Mercer and Heller is after him.

The trailer looks good and seems like Heller is much stronger then Mercer. Like moment when Heller stands before Mercer, Eye to eye, the battle for revenge is about to begin and like Heller said …The Defeat will be painful now.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

This year at E3 Activation made some huge announcements and one of them is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 aka COD: MW3. MW3 will be developed by Infinity Ward and also Raven Software and Sledgehammer Games will work as assistant developer. This game will be the eighth installment of COD series and the third installment of Modern Warfare series.

As you have already got that this will be a first person shooter like all other MW’s but to take it to the top from other FPS Infinity ward revealed that MW3 will run at 60FPS. MW3 will feature a new survival mode, not like the one from COD: WAW Zombie mode, rather it will be one or two players will fight against endless waves of enemies and for each waves the difficulty will be harder. The enemies spawn location won’t be fixed as it will spawn on tactical locations based on player’s location. You will be able to play this mode on all the maps of multiplayer menu. By killing enemies you can earn cash and with it you will be able to buy weapons, ammos and upgrades.

Developers have revealed that they are making changes in multiplayer kill streak system. As I do not actually know about the full information about the changes i will state it later as for now I heard quick scoping has returned.
The game starts from the event of MW2 and the character from the Task Force 141 Captain John returns with some new playable characters including Sandman, Frost and Marcus burns.

Thanks To Ayrtizle For This Video

Trailers from E3 look really cool. Looks like war is on in the land of NY, Partners throwing ammo magazines looks awesome, Train chase with the truck delivers breath taking actions overall the trailer is superb and the game will be a masterpiece for sure. Can’t wait for this war to begin in our home LED’s as it will hit all the high-end Consoles with PC in November 8 – 2011.

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