In 1962 a super hero started his journey through a comic named Journey into Mystery. The creator of this super hero was Stan lee and he named him Thor. He was a son of Odin and Odin wanted his son to taught humility and placed him in a human body named Donald Blake. Blake was a medical student and when he became a doctor he went on a vacation in Norway. In here he witnessed an alien invasion. For saving his life he fled to a cave and discovered the mighty hammer of Thor Mjolnir. When he strikes it against a rock he transforms into a god of Thunder and defeated the aliens. After that incident Blake realizes that he is the mighty Thor the Norse God of Thunder from the Asgard. From then he lives among the human, joining forces like The Avengers to save the earth.

As a Norse God of Thunder Thor many god like powers. He can sense objects traveling faster then lighting. He can hear cries from other planets, can travel through time, can regenerate wounds of his body from the power of his hammer, he is immune to all the earthly diseases. Thor can transform in to a state called Warrior’s Madness which increases his strength and stamina ten times temporarily but when he is in this state he attacks everyone. Thor has the power to summon lightning, rain, wind and even snow with his hammer. Thor can lift an entire building with the power of wind and destroy it. Thor posses some control over the Earth as he is the son of Gaea.

That’s only the starting of Thor’s story for further stay tuned as the Thor is about to blow your consoles in this May 3, 2011. Thor God of Thunder is a game based on the up coming film Thor. This is the first standalone appearance of Thor in a videogame. The game is developed by Liquid Entertainment for the Ps3 and Xbox 360 version and Red Fly Studios for the Wii version. The game will be published under the name of Sega.

You will play as Thor and use his mighty Hammer to devastate enemies with his melee combos, hammer throw and blow them with the power of wind or destroy them with other elemental powers. You will earn Valor points by killing enemies and with valor point you will level up, acquire new powers, abilities and also weapon upgrades. Play the part of Odin’s son and be the ruler of Asgard.

As you guys already know that a movie is on the way but the game story is different as here Thor will be battling through numerous worlds of Norse mythology from the pages of the Comics. The Trailer seems good more like the battle system reminds me of DMC or GOW but you will find something new too as jump to the sky attack (that’s what I call it), ultimate power of wind and thunder attack and might be more to come in upcoming trailers. Although some gamers is already giving it a thumbs down I would like to tell you guys just wait for it and let it release. It is not that bad at all that you put it on the negative side, rather from the trailers I as a fan of Avengers really would love to play as this is the first stand alone game of Thor and will love to play his part from the comics. So In my point of view this game may rather not rock but will be a good start of Thor’s game series.