After 11 years Alice will be back in action in the up coming game Alice: Madness Returns. This game is a sequel of American McGee’s Alice which was released only in PC in October 6 2000. Before further a do I would like to share some experience from American McGee’s Alice.

AMA was a third person action game which was developed by Rouge Entertainment and published under the name of EA. The game took place in the universe named Wonderland. Story of that game was like Wonderland is taken over by the Queen of Heart and Alice have to save it with a help from her companion Cheshire Cat. The graphics works were really good and it received ratings like 9.4 out of 10 from IGN, 7.3 from GameSpot, 10 from GameZone and 8 from Eurogamer.

So after 11 long year’s gamers will have the chance to play as Alice in the land called Wonderland and this time the game will hit the consoles also. Alice: Madness Returns will be released for Pc, Ps3 and Xbox 360 in June 14th, 2011. The story of the game takes place after 11 years from the first game AMA. Alice is now released from Rutledge Asylum. She is in the care of London psychiatrist but the memory of her parent’s death still haunts her. So to get away from her hallucinations and internal struggle she returns to Wonderland. But once again Wonderland has been warped and Alice has to save everyone and herself. She also has to find the real reason of her parent’s death as the haunt continues.

The Trailer looks really cool, the graphics work is awesome and movements are quite nice, flying butterflies and cards here and there, Shattering glass and the chase look stunning, battle system is nice also. Just check the trailer and you will see the real deal. This game is looking really good. I am ready for this action and will be on the spot to get it as soon as its out.

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