Razer Mamba is an Elite Razer product by Elite Razer means the product will be forged with cutting-edge gaming technology which gives you unfair advantage to dominate your opponent. This mouse features hybrid system which enables it to instant transformation from wired/wireless functionality. Razers stated that it is the fastest mouse on or off the cord.

Mamba is a fully loaded gaming grade wireless mouse with seven independently programmable buttons which you can use in your game for different purpose like for Counter Strike 1.6 or Source you can use those button for quick auto buy or for buying or using grenades quickly. With response time like 1ms this mouse will rock your gaming world as for fps games your command will be executed first even you or your opponent react at the same time because of your opponent using an ordinary 8ms gaming mouse. The 5600Dpi Razer precision 3.5g laser sensor will give you an unbelievable speed as this mouse indeed is the fastest ever made by razer and you can aim faster, hit your enemies quicker as they said it will be an unfair game when your using Mamba on your hand.

If you’re a CS player then this mouse is for you my friend. This will give you an extra advantage that you won’t be able to get any other mouse. If you use AK-47 or M4, now when you brush with those guns they will spot on the target won’t shake at all, If you use Sniper, Mamba will provide you the best speed and switching when reloading you’re AW/M sniping weapon. 1ms respond will make you winner even you or your opponent react at the same time.

Mamba will enable you to store your profile settings in its on-board memory which is called Razer Synapse. With this feature you will be able record longer macros and save your profile settings without any software. Razer Synapse feature lets you take your mouse to gaming events and use it with your own profile setting which takes you one step closer to your victory.

Mamba looks really stylish which will take your personality up to the sky and the charging dock also looks really great which work as a wireless receiver too. With continuous 14hrs gaming battery backup this mouse will change your gaming experience for sure and will take your performance to a different level.

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