Razer who builds awesome gadgets for gamers is back with their ultimate collection for Dragon Age 2 collector’s edition. This time they came with some supreme gadgets like Black Widow (Ultimate Keyboard for Dragon Age II), Death Adder (Dragon Age II mouse), Goliathus (Dragon Age II speed edition mouse pad), Onza (Dragon Age II Xbox 360 controller) and Dragon Age II Razer messenger bag which look really cool.

Black Widow is an ultimate Dragon Age II keyboard with full mechanical keys for faster response and superior tactility. The mechanical keys delivers new feel to this keyboard with distinctive tactile feedback in the form of lights. The keys have a 2mm distance which allows you to command faster then any other gaming keyboard. There are 2 special buttons where one will record unlimited macro on the fly and other will change up to 10 profiles without wasting any time for moving on to menus. The 5 level lighting will provide ultimate destruction to your opponent even under the low light. This keyboard also got some other features like Multi-media controls, Braided cable and Audio out / mic in jacks.

Death Adder is a very familiar to all the gamers and this time Razer builds Death Adder Dragon Age II collectors edition with stunning style, comfort and unbridled gaming precision. This mouse will provide you an optimum comfort with its ergonomic right – handed design. With the 3500dpi Razer Precision 3.5G infrared sensor you can aim and get advantage to kill faster. Death Adders 1ms response time will give you the edge over your opponent to finish him of before he aims at you with his regular 8ms gaming mouse. This mouse also got on the fly sensitivity adjustments, five independently programmable buttons, gold plated usb connector and 7 feet braided fiber cable.

Goliathus is a mouse pad which looks really cool with advanced cloth weave for effortless control and unbridled speed. The slick cloth weave will provide you the ultimate speed to win at any cause against all other gaming cloth mats. Its rubber base secures it from smooth surface. Its size is standard 355mm X 254mm X 4mm design and it’s also optimized for all type of gaming mice regardless of sensitivity settings and sensor type.

Razer Onza tournament edition joined forces of Dragon Age II to make an awesome professional gaming control which you can use it in your Xbox 360 or Pc. This controls features 2 adjustable resistance analog stick, 2 additional multi-function buttons, 4 backlit Hype response action buttons, Precision D-Pad. Non-slip rubber surface, Quick release USB connector and 15 foot braided fiber cable.

For those who want these super gadgets the prices are listed below:

Black Widow will cost $139.99 but sorry to say that the pre – orders sold out, for more info you can visit the official page here

Death Adder will cost $69.99 which is also currently unavailable and you can visit its official page here

Goliathus will cost $24.99; visit the official page here to pre-order it now

Razer Onza will cost $59.99 which is not available now. For more info visit here.