Fight Night Champion the game released in this March by EA sports will change the view of Boxing games for real. In my point this game is truly amazing.

The game starts with a fight where you have to battle in a Jail boxing fight, bare handed and you have to win it. After the fight it you can carry on with the on going champion mode or try the menu. If you carry on with the champion mode you will find that you’re playing a role of a boxer called Andre Bishop who started his boxing carrier some weeks ago and now is in the jail for nothing. Now you have to play Bishop’s flashback stories where a series of events will happen and also with some breath taking boxing matches. Breath taking I used this word because the boxing fights will take your breath away as in one fight you will find out that while punching Bishop breaks his right arm now you have to win the match just using your right arm, in another fight your coach will come in the ring after the round and will tell you that you have to win by knock out or else you will lose as some one already had bought the judge so you have no other way to win the match. I will not tell you the full story of the champion mode as it can spoil the excitement of this game but for sneak peak in a part of the story you will find out that Bishop faces his younger brother for the No 1 contender and Bishop will lose the match for his younger brother’s dream. The champion or story mode is really emotional and will take you to the place of Bishop for real as you will feel that you are in the fight.

Champion mode will rock your world for sure apart from that there is a fight now mode to play in One on One fights, Legacy mode where you choose a boxer from the rooster or you can create your own boxer and fight your way to the top or join the live modes to fight with worlds greatest fighters in the ring.

Now let’s roll on to the graphics and its way better then all other game from the series. Punches looks real and too much bleeding will knock you out from the match. Floors will be filled with blood drops if you make your opponent bleed. The boxer short looks really nice. Champion mode cut scene graphics is awesome and most of the times you will feel like watching a movie.

You will be happy to here that there is no more complex control which messed up the previous series. This time you can throw every punch just using the direction of your analogue stick or you can use buttons also. For defensive mode you can use the upper LT/L2 to dodge or RT/R2 to block your opponents punch. The new control system will give you extreme reflex and flashing speed to defeat your opponent. Do not try to just punch your opponent rapidly as it can consume all your stamina. If your stamina is too low you’re in deep danger as your opponent can knock you out in a single blow so look after your stamina while you’re fighting.

If you want play in pro mode, Some times boxers will throw all at you and you have to stick around to win those matches, as if you had a cut they will try to knock you down or throw rapid punches in your cut to make you bleed and referee will stop the fight and disqualify you. So move around, look for the open space and counter punch your opponent down.

My suggestion to all gamers who didn’t tried this game yet will be, Get yourself a very comfy couch, take some snacks and then start playing this awesome boxing game because it won’t be possible for any gamer to move at least for 5 hours as Champion mode will take those time of yours in a flash and I am sure that you won’t be able to move your butt before finishing the champion mode.

Lastly I will add only one thing that bugs me in this game is sometime referee will block your screen and you won’t be able to see your boxer apart from it, I can say that this game is the best in the Fight Night Series. The story mode is rocking, controls are better then ever, graphics looks stunning, game modes are good, I did not tried the live mode yet but it seems live will be more fun with such entertainment this game deserves 9 out 10 and if you didn’t played it yet go get it now.