Who doesn’t know about Dante or I mean the Devil May Cry, One of the best game that I have ever played in my life. Dante the main character of this game is the coolest character made by Capcom others are cool too But there is no one who can match Dante. Devil may cry first approached on ps2 in 2001 and was developed and published by Capcom. The game was all about Dante seeking for revenge from the demons that killed his mother. The game was full of action and heavy combats. The reason why Dante is so much special is because of his style of action, the way he battles and the way he moves like super rock star looks really amazing and the way he uses his demon sword is simply awesome.

After the massive success from the first game, Devil May Cry 2 comes out at 2003. It was a sequel but it’s chronologically the 4th game of the Devil May Cry series. In this game apart from Dante, another character was available named Lucia and they are out to stop Arius from raising a demon called Argosax. This game also had good response.

Then after 2 years comes out one of the best game in the platform of Ps2, Devil May Cry 3. Devil may cry 3 was something really special and if you saw the opening sequence of that game then you will get it. The game was really outstanding and the improvement was praised by the world. The game was challenging and also it was cooler then all others in the series. Just look at the intro and if you missed it go for it now and play it.

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In the Next installment the game starts with nice opening sequence with a guy looks like Dante but with a devil hand but yes Dante doesn’t have any devil hand so who is he, He is Nero and he is also cool character in the Devil May Cry 4 which was released in 2008 for the Xbox 360, Ps3 and Pc. You play half the game as Nero and Half of it as Dante, Nero is cool but no where near Dante. The game was really good and it received like 8 out of 10 in the gaming world but I would rate it as 9 as the new character was really good, the upgrades were awesome and Dante’s upgrade was stunning and the game was full of actions.

Before the big news I would really like to describe Dante as the news is fully related with him. Dante is a specialized paranormal demon killer, who looks really cool with a white hair, blue eyes and wearing red trench coat, carries a demon sword and guns which never needs to reload. This guy is full of style, the way he walks, carries his sword, uses his guns, shows of his moves, delivers his words and everything he does made him one of the most stylish character in the world of gaming.

Now for the big news is Devil may cry is back and it is named DMC and will be a remake of the first Devil May Cry. The game will be published by Capcom but it will be developed by Ninja Theory. The game was announced by Capcom in the last year September with a nice trailer. But what makes me mad is Dante is looking like a young kid. I really didn’t like the way the developers made his younger look. He is no where near the real Dante but the trailer shows the style of Dante and its looking good for me. The way he uses his gun and the way he smokes is really cool. After playing DMC4 I thought Capcom will come with another installment with Nero and Dante as their team was really good. But after the TGS 2010 all my hopes were washed out. Now I hope Ninja Theory would make this game even better but it will be impossible to replace Dante with this younger version of him….Lets hope for the best.