Steelseries presents SPECTRUM 7XB The Ultimate Gaming Headset and it’s really looks good. This headset combines advanced wireless technology with a retractable mic system, interchangeable earcups and 4 piece travel friendly breakdown. Another special feature of this Headset is you can connect it with your Xbox 360 and experience the audio as never before.

The 7XB Headset is designed with 4mbit/s bandwidth for true wireless audio and also to avoid other wireless interference they used intelligent frequency hopping up to 344 times / second. The mic can be hidden in the left earcup and it makes a lot easier for all the gamer to travel or use it in any environment they want. The 4 pieces disassemble option makes it more comfortable for gamers to travel with it.

The Live mix option is simply great, with a single click activation button this feature will balance audio between your Xbox live Chat and in game sounds, that will let you hear form your team mates more clearly and even the footsteps of your opponents more sharply. The Headset is powered by 50mm drivers for a superior reproduced soundscape which delivers every footstep and every single sound effect separately to help the gamers.

With 5 buttons under the left earcup you can turn on/off, Volume up/down, livemix button and ExactSND which will let you chose your pre-set equalizer settings will make it easier for gamer to adjust the Headset setting they want in just a sec. The wireless operates up to 9 meters away and a smart led will let you know is it connected with your 360 or not.

Finally I can say that this headset is really different and will be one of the best if it serves the purpose of the gamers. The Headset looks good, the retracted mics hidden feature is cool, dissemble makes it easier to travel and with so many features this Headset may be going to rule the gaming world.