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Captain America Super Soldier

There are very few gamers who don’t know about the Captain America. Before the big news I would like to write something about the Captain America.

Captain America a superhero from marvel comics created by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon. Steve Roger is the man behind the Shield of America. He was a sickly young man and was experimented with an element called Super Soldier Serum to make him the perfect human soldier. This serum didn’t provide him any super hero ability but made him perfect specimen of human development and conditioning. Super Soldier Serum took his speed, strength, endurance, agility, durability and healing at the highest limit of natural human potential. Captain America uses a shield as his main weapon. This shield was created from an experimental alloy of steel and fictional vibranium. With this Shield Roger can block attacks or even bullets and he also can throw it to destroy enemy tanks or weapons. Without his trade mark shield Roger sometime uses another shield called Energy shield. For protection Captain’s armor is built with a fire-retardant material and he also wears a bulletproof light weight vest beneath his uniform. Captain America uses custom built Harley Davidson specially builds by S.H.I.E.L.D as a vehicle.

So much for the history of Captain America, Now it is time for to relive his story as SEGA already announced the up coming game called Captain America Super Soldier and the game is based on the story of the upcoming movie Captain America The First Avenger which will also be released in summer 2011. The game is developed by Next Level Games and will be published by SEGA. This game will be releasing on July 19th for Ps3, Xbox 360, DS, 3DS and Wii.

Get ready to play as the legendary Captain America, feel the super power of the super soldier, wield the Star Marked Shield and throw it to destroy every enemy weapon or block all enemy attacks or take out even group of enemies. Try Cap’s impressive athletic abilities to complete every environmental challenge you face in the game. Play the Movie Be Captain America.

Watch the Trailer and Wait for the Legendary Cap to hit your console this summer.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Transformer game series started its journey from year 2007 based on the first Transformer movie. The game was developed by Traveller’s Tales for the Consoles, Vicarious Visions for Nintendo Ds and Savage Entertainment for PSP and was published by Activision. The console version is different then the NDS version as the NDS version was named Transformer Autobots and Transformer Decepticons. Vicarious Visions divided the main game into two versions for NDS, in one you play as Autobots and in other one you chose to take the dark path of Decepticons. On the other hand PSP version is fully different and you can play only one storyline and you can play as 23 characters including previous generation characters and the PSP version has the most playable characters and some non related stories than the other versions.

Transformer The Game received an average reception from all around the gaming world and with such reception after 2 years Activation came up with a sequel Transformer Revenge of the Fallen. This was also based on the Transformer movie series. Developers were separated just like the first version. Ps3 and 360 versions were developed by Loxoflux, Pc version by Beenox Studios and Krome Studio developed the Ps2 and Wii version. PSP and NDS versions were developed by the same developer who developed the first game series. Revenge of the Fallen contains two separate campaigns where you can play as Autobots or Decepticons. This game received mixed reviews with scores like 4 out 10 from Eurogamer, 6 out 10 from IGN and 7.5 out 10 from GameSpot.

Activation now presents Transformer Dark of the moon which is under development by High Moon Studios and will release June 2011. This game will be a prequel to the upcoming Transformer movie named same as the game title.

This game features a new mode called Stealth Force in which Charecters will instantly combined its weapon and vehicle mode and player will enjoy the ultimate power of Autobots and feel the rage of speed together. This game will feature locations like the jungles of South America, Detroit Cityscapes, Siberian military facilities and more. Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron, Ironhide, Stratosphere, Starscream, Soundwave, Ratchet, Warpath, Laserbeak, Mixmaster and Shockwave have been confirmed to be in the game.

The trailer looks awesome and I am feeling the new stealth mode action is going to change the ratings of this game. In trailer Megatron is looking stronger and Bee seems to be cooler then ever. I can’t wait for the both movie and the game as like both trailers are awesome and breath taking. Just hoping best for the game as I already know movie is going to rock.

Razer Mamba

Razer Mamba is an Elite Razer product by Elite Razer means the product will be forged with cutting-edge gaming technology which gives you unfair advantage to dominate your opponent. This mouse features hybrid system which enables it to instant transformation from wired/wireless functionality. Razers stated that it is the fastest mouse on or off the cord.

Mamba is a fully loaded gaming grade wireless mouse with seven independently programmable buttons which you can use in your game for different purpose like for Counter Strike 1.6 or Source you can use those button for quick auto buy or for buying or using grenades quickly. With response time like 1ms this mouse will rock your gaming world as for fps games your command will be executed first even you or your opponent react at the same time because of your opponent using an ordinary 8ms gaming mouse. The 5600Dpi Razer precision 3.5g laser sensor will give you an unbelievable speed as this mouse indeed is the fastest ever made by razer and you can aim faster, hit your enemies quicker as they said it will be an unfair game when your using Mamba on your hand.

If you’re a CS player then this mouse is for you my friend. This will give you an extra advantage that you won’t be able to get any other mouse. If you use AK-47 or M4, now when you brush with those guns they will spot on the target won’t shake at all, If you use Sniper, Mamba will provide you the best speed and switching when reloading you’re AW/M sniping weapon. 1ms respond will make you winner even you or your opponent react at the same time.

Mamba will enable you to store your profile settings in its on-board memory which is called Razer Synapse. With this feature you will be able record longer macros and save your profile settings without any software. Razer Synapse feature lets you take your mouse to gaming events and use it with your own profile setting which takes you one step closer to your victory.

Mamba looks really stylish which will take your personality up to the sky and the charging dock also looks really great which work as a wireless receiver too. With continuous 14hrs gaming battery backup this mouse will change your gaming experience for sure and will take your performance to a different level.

If you want to experience the Mamba you can buy it from ComputerValley

Razer Dragon Age II Collector’s Edition Gadgets

Razer who builds awesome gadgets for gamers is back with their ultimate collection for Dragon Age 2 collector’s edition. This time they came with some supreme gadgets like Black Widow (Ultimate Keyboard for Dragon Age II), Death Adder (Dragon Age II mouse), Goliathus (Dragon Age II speed edition mouse pad), Onza (Dragon Age II Xbox 360 controller) and Dragon Age II Razer messenger bag which look really cool.

Black Widow is an ultimate Dragon Age II keyboard with full mechanical keys for faster response and superior tactility. The mechanical keys delivers new feel to this keyboard with distinctive tactile feedback in the form of lights. The keys have a 2mm distance which allows you to command faster then any other gaming keyboard. There are 2 special buttons where one will record unlimited macro on the fly and other will change up to 10 profiles without wasting any time for moving on to menus. The 5 level lighting will provide ultimate destruction to your opponent even under the low light. This keyboard also got some other features like Multi-media controls, Braided cable and Audio out / mic in jacks.

Death Adder is a very familiar to all the gamers and this time Razer builds Death Adder Dragon Age II collectors edition with stunning style, comfort and unbridled gaming precision. This mouse will provide you an optimum comfort with its ergonomic right – handed design. With the 3500dpi Razer Precision 3.5G infrared sensor you can aim and get advantage to kill faster. Death Adders 1ms response time will give you the edge over your opponent to finish him of before he aims at you with his regular 8ms gaming mouse. This mouse also got on the fly sensitivity adjustments, five independently programmable buttons, gold plated usb connector and 7 feet braided fiber cable.

Goliathus is a mouse pad which looks really cool with advanced cloth weave for effortless control and unbridled speed. The slick cloth weave will provide you the ultimate speed to win at any cause against all other gaming cloth mats. Its rubber base secures it from smooth surface. Its size is standard 355mm X 254mm X 4mm design and it’s also optimized for all type of gaming mice regardless of sensitivity settings and sensor type.

Razer Onza tournament edition joined forces of Dragon Age II to make an awesome professional gaming control which you can use it in your Xbox 360 or Pc. This controls features 2 adjustable resistance analog stick, 2 additional multi-function buttons, 4 backlit Hype response action buttons, Precision D-Pad. Non-slip rubber surface, Quick release USB connector and 15 foot braided fiber cable.

For those who want these super gadgets the prices are listed below:

Black Widow will cost $139.99 but sorry to say that the pre – orders sold out, for more info you can visit the official page here

Death Adder will cost $69.99 which is also currently unavailable and you can visit its official page here

Goliathus will cost $24.99; visit the official page here to pre-order it now

Razer Onza will cost $59.99 which is not available now. For more info visit here.

Fight Night Champion review

Fight Night Champion the game released in this March by EA sports will change the view of Boxing games for real. In my point this game is truly amazing.

The game starts with a fight where you have to battle in a Jail boxing fight, bare handed and you have to win it. After the fight it you can carry on with the on going champion mode or try the menu. If you carry on with the champion mode you will find that you’re playing a role of a boxer called Andre Bishop who started his boxing carrier some weeks ago and now is in the jail for nothing. Now you have to play Bishop’s flashback stories where a series of events will happen and also with some breath taking boxing matches. Breath taking I used this word because the boxing fights will take your breath away as in one fight you will find out that while punching Bishop breaks his right arm now you have to win the match just using your right arm, in another fight your coach will come in the ring after the round and will tell you that you have to win by knock out or else you will lose as some one already had bought the judge so you have no other way to win the match. I will not tell you the full story of the champion mode as it can spoil the excitement of this game but for sneak peak in a part of the story you will find out that Bishop faces his younger brother for the No 1 contender and Bishop will lose the match for his younger brother’s dream. The champion or story mode is really emotional and will take you to the place of Bishop for real as you will feel that you are in the fight.

Champion mode will rock your world for sure apart from that there is a fight now mode to play in One on One fights, Legacy mode where you choose a boxer from the rooster or you can create your own boxer and fight your way to the top or join the live modes to fight with worlds greatest fighters in the ring.

Now let’s roll on to the graphics and its way better then all other game from the series. Punches looks real and too much bleeding will knock you out from the match. Floors will be filled with blood drops if you make your opponent bleed. The boxer short looks really nice. Champion mode cut scene graphics is awesome and most of the times you will feel like watching a movie.

You will be happy to here that there is no more complex control which messed up the previous series. This time you can throw every punch just using the direction of your analogue stick or you can use buttons also. For defensive mode you can use the upper LT/L2 to dodge or RT/R2 to block your opponents punch. The new control system will give you extreme reflex and flashing speed to defeat your opponent. Do not try to just punch your opponent rapidly as it can consume all your stamina. If your stamina is too low you’re in deep danger as your opponent can knock you out in a single blow so look after your stamina while you’re fighting.

If you want play in pro mode, Some times boxers will throw all at you and you have to stick around to win those matches, as if you had a cut they will try to knock you down or throw rapid punches in your cut to make you bleed and referee will stop the fight and disqualify you. So move around, look for the open space and counter punch your opponent down.

My suggestion to all gamers who didn’t tried this game yet will be, Get yourself a very comfy couch, take some snacks and then start playing this awesome boxing game because it won’t be possible for any gamer to move at least for 5 hours as Champion mode will take those time of yours in a flash and I am sure that you won’t be able to move your butt before finishing the champion mode.

Lastly I will add only one thing that bugs me in this game is sometime referee will block your screen and you won’t be able to see your boxer apart from it, I can say that this game is the best in the Fight Night Series. The story mode is rocking, controls are better then ever, graphics looks stunning, game modes are good, I did not tried the live mode yet but it seems live will be more fun with such entertainment this game deserves 9 out 10 and if you didn’t played it yet go get it now.

DMC Devil May Cry

Who doesn’t know about Dante or I mean the Devil May Cry, One of the best game that I have ever played in my life. Dante the main character of this game is the coolest character made by Capcom others are cool too But there is no one who can match Dante. Devil may cry first approached on ps2 in 2001 and was developed and published by Capcom. The game was all about Dante seeking for revenge from the demons that killed his mother. The game was full of action and heavy combats. The reason why Dante is so much special is because of his style of action, the way he battles and the way he moves like super rock star looks really amazing and the way he uses his demon sword is simply awesome.

After the massive success from the first game, Devil May Cry 2 comes out at 2003. It was a sequel but it’s chronologically the 4th game of the Devil May Cry series. In this game apart from Dante, another character was available named Lucia and they are out to stop Arius from raising a demon called Argosax. This game also had good response.

Then after 2 years comes out one of the best game in the platform of Ps2, Devil May Cry 3. Devil may cry 3 was something really special and if you saw the opening sequence of that game then you will get it. The game was really outstanding and the improvement was praised by the world. The game was challenging and also it was cooler then all others in the series. Just look at the intro and if you missed it go for it now and play it.

Thanks to FFVIIFreak for the Video:

In the Next installment the game starts with nice opening sequence with a guy looks like Dante but with a devil hand but yes Dante doesn’t have any devil hand so who is he, He is Nero and he is also cool character in the Devil May Cry 4 which was released in 2008 for the Xbox 360, Ps3 and Pc. You play half the game as Nero and Half of it as Dante, Nero is cool but no where near Dante. The game was really good and it received like 8 out of 10 in the gaming world but I would rate it as 9 as the new character was really good, the upgrades were awesome and Dante’s upgrade was stunning and the game was full of actions.

Before the big news I would really like to describe Dante as the news is fully related with him. Dante is a specialized paranormal demon killer, who looks really cool with a white hair, blue eyes and wearing red trench coat, carries a demon sword and guns which never needs to reload. This guy is full of style, the way he walks, carries his sword, uses his guns, shows of his moves, delivers his words and everything he does made him one of the most stylish character in the world of gaming.

Now for the big news is Devil may cry is back and it is named DMC and will be a remake of the first Devil May Cry. The game will be published by Capcom but it will be developed by Ninja Theory. The game was announced by Capcom in the last year September with a nice trailer. But what makes me mad is Dante is looking like a young kid. I really didn’t like the way the developers made his younger look. He is no where near the real Dante but the trailer shows the style of Dante and its looking good for me. The way he uses his gun and the way he smokes is really cool. After playing DMC4 I thought Capcom will come with another installment with Nero and Dante as their team was really good. But after the TGS 2010 all my hopes were washed out. Now I hope Ninja Theory would make this game even better but it will be impossible to replace Dante with this younger version of him….Lets hope for the best.

SteelSeries Spectrum 7XB

Steelseries presents SPECTRUM 7XB The Ultimate Gaming Headset and it’s really looks good. This headset combines advanced wireless technology with a retractable mic system, interchangeable earcups and 4 piece travel friendly breakdown. Another special feature of this Headset is you can connect it with your Xbox 360 and experience the audio as never before.

The 7XB Headset is designed with 4mbit/s bandwidth for true wireless audio and also to avoid other wireless interference they used intelligent frequency hopping up to 344 times / second. The mic can be hidden in the left earcup and it makes a lot easier for all the gamer to travel or use it in any environment they want. The 4 pieces disassemble option makes it more comfortable for gamers to travel with it.

The Live mix option is simply great, with a single click activation button this feature will balance audio between your Xbox live Chat and in game sounds, that will let you hear form your team mates more clearly and even the footsteps of your opponents more sharply. The Headset is powered by 50mm drivers for a superior reproduced soundscape which delivers every footstep and every single sound effect separately to help the gamers.

With 5 buttons under the left earcup you can turn on/off, Volume up/down, livemix button and ExactSND which will let you chose your pre-set equalizer settings will make it easier for gamer to adjust the Headset setting they want in just a sec. The wireless operates up to 9 meters away and a smart led will let you know is it connected with your 360 or not.

Finally I can say that this headset is really different and will be one of the best if it serves the purpose of the gamers. The Headset looks good, the retracted mics hidden feature is cool, dissemble makes it easier to travel and with so many features this Headset may be going to rule the gaming world.

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