An Horror action adventure game like Dead Rising or Resident Evil are always welcome by all the gamers as we all like to kick butt of zombies anytime. Now Techland is developing Dead Island an upcoming horror action adventure game and the cinematic trailer looks really good and its like will make everyone Sad…..

Dead Island is an open world game play like Dead Rising (may be) , but as from what I heard it will be a First person perspective game and up to four player co-operative play will be available. There will be a Stamina bar which means if your stamina runs out you won’t be able to attack unless you recover it by resting. Melee attacks and customizable weapons will be available.

The game takes place in an island located in Papua New Guinea. It is a fictional island called Banoi. The game starts character partying during the night wakes up and finds out that there is a zombie outbreak and now you are stuck in a beach hut with some survivors and you have to take a weapon and start kicking butt of zombies.

As the game is under development only one Characters information is available and other characters name are available. They are Xian Mei, Sam B, Purna and Logan. Only Xian’s information is visible. She is an employee at Royal Palm Resort and she came from China. She is a sportswoman so she is fast, intelligent and it was her dream to meet and greet all the other nationalities and work in different hotels all around the world but Banoi changes the fate of her and all who is now under development in DEAD ISLAND.

Thanks to GamerSpawn for the video: