Do you guys remember anything about WreslteMania: The Arcade game? This was may be the first and only arcade wrestle game made by Midway and also published by Midway. If I remember it right I played this game on my Sega Mega Drive console and it was real fun. With a very small roster the game was like good, as you can play as Doink, using his hand shake move to shock other player, Undertaker with his ground power moves, Shawn Michael’s Jumping Sweet Chin Music and last Yokozuna who bleeds with lots of foods when he get hits by opponents. It was really a fast pace game not like other WWF games. As an arcade in my view it was real fun.

Now time has come to recall those memories to the reality as Thq is going deliver WWE ALL STAR in March 29 2011 for Xbox 360, Ps3, Ps2, Psp and Wii. The game is developed by Thq San Diego team. The Producer of this game Sal Divita is the same who made the WrestleMania: The Arcade game.

As this game will be also a fast paced game it will be real fun playing with Wwe superstars in an arcade style battles in your Xbox or Ps3. The game rooster is really great with lot of legends and Wwe superstars. Among the legends Andre the Giant, Breat Hart, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Latino Heat Eddie Guerrero, Roody Piper and some are not revealed yet and with Cena, Ray mysterio, Edge, John Morrison, Big Show, Ortan, The King of Kings HHH and more are there in the side of recent Wwe SuperStars.

The game play looks cool, with high flying moves, hard hitting punches the trailer looks awesome. I really like the moment Rock hitting The Rock Bottom form so much height. The game looks real fast with super wrestle moves and classes also introduced here as Acrobat, Brawler, Big man and Grappler, as all of those will have their own advantage and technique, which other classes will not have. A new game play mode Fantasy Warfare is added where you can choose a side from legends or SuperStars and compete to a series of fantasy matches.

As I was a big fan of the Ultimate Warrior, I am really waiting for the moment I can try hi, on the ring and also playing as Macho Man Randy Savage will be a dream come true for all the Wwe fans. As some characters are not revealed yet, I would really love to see Lex Luger, Milloen Dollar Man, Yokozuna, Ric Flair or the Doink, the only Joker in WWE, Those days I was like a little kid and I was a big fan of him and his other three little jokers And In WWe SuperStar, First Undertaker should be must and then Batista would be great.

I know all you Hulkamaniac’s or THE Rock fans or the lovers of Latino Heat can’t wait to play as your favorite legends. As I will go for the Ultimate Warrior and the Macho man first for sure and try the awesome moves they got in all the SuperStars. This game looks really stunning and I am quite sure its going to blow gamers mind and provide a lot of fun for gamers and also PSN or Live game play will make it even better.