Hunted: The Demons Forge, a Third person action game developed by inXile Entertainment and published under the name of Bethesda Softworks. The game starts at the Dark Age and creatures are taking town peoples and two mercenaries have taken the mission to investigate where the creatures are taking all the peoples. The journey of the dark world starts and in this dark world they will find many twisted paths, vicious creatures, sacrifices and deaths. From here they will find out the Dark secrets of The Demon’s Forge.

The game story is pretty good, from the trailer; I can tell that the graphics looks good, as it’s a multiplayer title but without the split screen mode, players will control an Archer and a Warrior. The Archer character name is E’LARA and she can cast spell like Ice and Warrior whose name is CaddoC can break the Ice spelled Creature with his sword. The trailer looks pretty awesome and you can check it here.

This game is developed under the world of Unreal Engine 3. Unreal engine 3 is a game engine designed for DX9 Pc, Xbox360 and Ps3. It is a third version of Unreal engine created by Epic games. Gears of war game series were created using the same engine. My words will not be enough to explain the success of GOW series. I wish this title also keep the reputation of UR3 engines up to the top like GOW did. This game will release on June 1 2011 for the Pc, Xbox 360 and Ps3.

As we know so much little about this game now, upcoming news will clear every one’s thought about the game, so for now we can only hope for the best and wait.

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