For the last few weeks over the internet it is all about Crysis 2 leaked version. I just don’t understand peoples who do this kind of stuffs. Please explain it to me why are you doing this and you don’t have any rights to play with our stuff. Please my fellow gamers I request you to stand against piracy. Trust me if you support this kind of works then soon their won’t be any game developers left to build such a game like Crysis. We already know Crysis 2 is the first game launching on Crytek engine 3 and do you think if you make the worker (who worked day and night for us to deliver such an awesome Crysis world) angry they won’t make any more game. Pc gamers especially for you guys, will you be happy if they stop providing games for PC, You surly know if EA and Crytek want they can stop producing PC version and only console version will hit the market. Think before you act my friends, please do not download this faulty leaked version of Crysis 2 and support the EA and Crytek team who always try to deliver the best for the gamers.

Gamers just try to think smart, if we do not support developers and if we support piracy soon the next generation of gaming will be vanished in a blink of an eye. Yes I know, your thinking about downloading this game will save some money but did you think if there isn’t any game left what will you play in the future, did you ever think what crime your dealing with, did you think about the developers who didn’t sleep just for us to deliver the best game that ever have hit the gaming world, did you ever think if you were one of the member of Crytek team what will happened to you if you lost your job only for supporting piracy, Please do not think only try to feel what they did …..I personally request to all the gamers please stop downloading, seeding and destroying our gaming world.