Republic Of Gamers are known for their fastest performance, innovation, best hardware engineering’s and deliver everything that is best of the best. Yes they really mean their words and really come with the best as Asus Rampage III Extreme ROG edition is one the High – end X58 motherboard available for now and in my point of view it is the best that is available now for gamers.

From the first look the Rampge III looks really cool. The combination of black and red really gave this a real Republic of Gamer look. The looks of the sinks are pretty stylish and it really gives the art of hardcore gaming.
This beast features with the most powerful Core™ i7 Processors with LGA1366 package with support the latest PCie 2.0 from which you can get double speed and bandwidth to enhance system performance. This beast supports both SLI and CrossFireX. With the support of 4 graphics card at once you can use either 3 way SLI or CrossFireX configuration which will deliver the best graphics that you have ever experienced. Rampage III extreme will eat up to 24GB of DDR 3 ram, with that amount of ram I think your system will burst out in tears. If you want to transfer data you can use USB 3.0 which will transfer up to 4.8 GB per second. Code Name Azalia will rock your world with on board 8-channel HD audio.

Asus Rampage III is a ROG series motherboard and defiantly it will have ROG exclusive Features. First of all Extreme Engine Digi+ which balance the need of voltage and expedites heat dissipation for better electric condition with it you can go over the limit to hit the benchmark that others never even thought of. Lost you Bios and thinking how to get it back, Guys don’t worry because Rampage III comes with USB Bios Flashback with this you can get your Bios back in only 2 seconds, Just plug the drive and push the ROG connect button and your done. Overclocking will never be that easy my friend. RC Bluetooth will let you control and monitor your Pc system status on the fly with your mobiles Bluetooth. Overclocking is now in your palm of hands and use Bluetooth or even laptops to overclock and monitor you pc though RC Connect. Special IC named iROG will deliver extra fun in your overclocking activities and offers management and maintenance with more control and efficiency. Use OverClock with confidence as with a feature like BIOS FlashBack you can save bios like save game feature. Use one to blow your mind with overclocking and let other stay default. Voltiminder LED let gamer’s monitor voltage while overclocking.

This beast is every gamers dream and if you’re looking for an awesome, cool, smashing, overclocking beast I will recommend go for Rampage III because in my view you won’t be able to find any better motherboard than Asus Rampage III Extreme.

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