Razer Onza Standard and Razer Onza (Tournament Edition) is the first controller made by Razer and you can use it in your xbox360 too. It’s a look a like of Xbox 360 controller but with some massive improvements. You can adjust the resistant of the analog stick, 2 extra multi-functional buttons and they are programmable but that doesn’t means you can use it as rapid fire. Buttons are harder, faster, stronger and better not like the usual Ms Controller. The surface is rubberized and D-pad looks very cool and last but not the least Razer Onza (Tournament Edition) been priced $49.99 only which is as the same for the MS wireless but if you want to get the Play and charge kit along then Ms Controller cost $64.99 and the Razer Onza Standard is priced only $39.99 which is slightly different from the Tournament Edition as it will not have Adjustable resistance stick, no back lighting and the surface is not rubberized but textured finish.

For such a long time gamers are waiting for this stylish awesome looking gaming pad and finally it is out for Pre – Order from Jan 17th and if you didn’t ordered it yet then I am sorry my friend because its Sold out now. By the way is been month or almost a year when we first heard about Onza but it’s really unfortunate that Razer did not delivered any release date yet. Let’s pray for those who pre – ordered Onza gets it as soon as possible because after the delivery of those items then we can hope to get it from the store.