Driver started its game series from 1999 developed by Reflection Interactive and published by GT Interactive. The games story was inspired by some car chase movies and it was based on four real cities such as Miami, San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles. It was one of the best selling games on those days and it was good. After that Driver 2 was released and it had mixed reception in the world of gaming. Then Driv3r was published by Atari and when I first heard about it I thought this time driver will take it all but my reaction was worst then ever and also the gaming market reception wasn’t good at all as it received 5.9 out of 10. So the story of detective Tanner did not worked out as expected by the developers.

As I think you guys already heard the controversy about Driv3r, despite of that Last year on E3 Ubisoft announced Driver: San Francisco and it will be release between March 2011 – April 2012. This game will be for Xbox 360, Ps3 and Pc. Separate Wii version will also be released after the main.

Story From the official trailer goes like Tanner is pursuing Jericho who has escaped with a police truck. Then Tanner tells all his officers to stay away and get head to head collision with Jericho on the Golden Gate Bridge. After the collision Tanner is taken to the hospital and from here the game starts in Tanner’s coma dream.

A new feature is added called “Shift” and with this Tanner can shift car while continuing the mission. To take the advantage of this ability you have to fill the Shift meter by doing big jumps, power slides and driving into oncoming traffic. You also have to upgrade this ability to get shift to a more distance car. The game will take place throughout the San Francisco with about 208 miles of road. This time they are launching multiplayer with nine different types of game modes. About the cars Driver: San Francisco will have 120 fully damageable vehicles such as Aston Martin, Ruf, Pagani Zonda F, Alfa Romeo and many more.

From past experience without the first game of this series none have scored above average and now as Ubi soft name is included with it gamers can hope to get something stunning and an awesome creation of Driver series. As Ubi also introduced multiplayer mode for the first time in Driver series then we can hope this game will be better and the best of Driver series.