Year 2027 with the fall of the economy and global conflict over natural resources the United State has fallen and its military is gone as well. Now with the devastating nuclear power Korean republic has taken over the USA. Stadiums are now detention centre and shopping malls are now prison. Peoples who were free once are now imprisoned by Koreans. Now a year passed and Americans are no longer going to sit quietly. So you start from to save the Americans and free the United State from the Koreans.

Developed by Kaos Studios and published by THQ HomeFront is looking really good and its story plot is amazing, where you get the chance to be the freedom fighter for your country USA. HomeFront is the futuristic story of the war between Korea republic and USA. Where you can play to free USA or you can play as Korean to stop USA. In the base of USA you will be commanding military vehicles, using guerrilla tactics and using a lot advanced drone technology. The game also features multiplayer vehicles based war where 32 players will be able to play all together.

HomeFront’s single player game play mode will be a character driven and it’s focused more on cinematic. It’s a reworked from its origin Frontlines: Fuel of war. This game will be based around guerrilla tactics as stated by HomeFront design director David. Multiplayer mode is focused on the vehicles based combat. It will be a battle point system by which you will be able to buy weapons, gears and vehicles. You can earn points by taking objectives or by killing others and you even can buy large vehicles like helicopters or tanks. Each match can support 32 players with 16 in each team.

Pc version is already been outsourced to a Canadian Developer named Digital Extremes for exclusive contents and dedicated server and Pc version will also have additional features such as clan support, first person vehicles cockpits and DirectX 11 support. As inspired by HL2 this game will also be released on Steam. The Xbox 360 version will have an extra timed exclusive map called “Suburbs”.

March month of this year is full of big releases and among them how much HomeFront is going to score, it is difficult to tell now but the game seems to be quite nice and it will be great fun playing it online with all 16 players each side. I don’t know about how much expectation THQ have with this one but as they are already planning the sequel of it and they already stated that HomeFront 2 will get a full new looks with nothing from the first sequel. So by their statements we can hope this game will be good enough and I don’t know if its campaign will work out or not but multiplayer seems to be promising and it will blow us on the ground for sure.

I also think with so much FPS games like MW2, Black Ops, Crysis 2 (soon) , and even Dead Space 2 in our hand and we are playing these games online all the time will Homefront even get a chance to take part in this big list of FPS games, Who knows… lets just hope for the best.