It’s every boxers dream to be in the ring with a Legend like Mohammad Ali or Mike Tyson and thanks to EA sports for developing such gaming field for us gamers and for some boxers who now can face Legends in the ring of Fight Night series. EA sports is one the biggest game developing company in the world has delivered Fight Night series since 2004 in Ps2 and from then Fight Night 2, 3 and 4 and Now they are almost ready to release Fight Night Champion in Ps3 / Xbox360.

Fight Night Champion first look seems to be different from their previous series. As it has already received M rating from ESRB so you can understand how much realty has been added in this installment. The fight night champion official trailers will totally change your thought of the game. As the changes made in dramatic looks really cool. The Champion ship mode is going to wild for sure.

The game play really looks awesome. Graphics is lot better from the last series. Characters movement seems to be faster and punches look swift. Uppercuts and blows are wild. About the game play modes there will be a single player combat mode. Where you will be able to fight with champions and also you can play VS exhibition matches. A new Champion mode will make every boxers dream come true, where you will have to play a storyline about a boxer named Andre Bishop.

About the Rooster you will see all the modern and some legends like Mohammad Ali and Mike Tyson and many more with almost 50 boxers will be available.

This game will be released on March 2011 for Ps3 and Xbox 360. I am sure that it’s going to change the views that every gamer had about the fight night series. As trailers are looking amazing I can not wait to play the new champion mode and as I saw in the trailer the dramatic events really looks outstanding. By the way who wants to be on Live to fight with me …I mean the demo is already up and you can go to Live or Psn to download it and try online now and play as much you want because after Feb. 15th you won’t be able to play online anymore but you can always practice on single player mode before it gets out in market.