Crysis one of the best games in the year of 2007 was developed by Crytek and was published EA. It was released only for the PC and gamers Crysis was most stunning game I have ever played in pc. The graphics work was so much beautiful and the weapons were amazing and the Nano – suit is really awesome. The developer made the story really cool and voice made it even better. The game is really rocking and if any of you out there haven’t played it yet Go and rent or buy now because Crysis 2 is about few weeks away.

Now in 2011 Crytek is done with the developing and EA is about to release Crysis 2.War is about to began and its time to kick those alien out of our world. This time New York City is getting little taste of those bad ass aliens. Its year 2023 just 3 years after the event of Crysis. Aliens have returned with full force and their mission is to destroy the mankind and they are starting from New York. They made New York a ruin with flames all over the city. None had the chance to stand against this mighty alien force. Now only one can save them all, One Super Soldier with futuristic new Nano – Suit 2 and its You, So get ready to buckle up yourself cause you are going to get in the jungles to kick those alien asses out of our world.

Crysis 2 I know the game will rock the world and this time you will experience the power of the CryEngine 3. As what I learned from the trailers, CryEngine 3 is the fastest high-end render and its like everything is so much real. Crytek already stated that Crysis 2 will have the best graphics ever in the history of video games. Ooh sorry I forget the big news and Cheers to my Live and PSN gamers that this time Crysis will be out for Xbox 360 , Ps3 and surly in PC.

About the Nano – Suit 2, its full of new upgrades as for the period of time players will be able to use two modes, New power mode (Strength + Speed) is introduced and the binocular has been replaced with advanced Tactical mode. Cloak mode is replaced with new upgrades and named Infiltration mode. Finally you the players will be able to upgrade your suit with your own combat style as the game progresses.

You will be amazed by the designs of the aliens as they will be really different from the first sequence. As Crytek stated Crysis 2 battle system will be catastrophically beautiful and they also stated that gamers will be able to play this game on the lower system requirements then the original but still it will exceed the original graphically.

This game will be released on March 22 2011 for Ps3, Xbox 360 and PC. EA also announced that thare will be two special editions Limited and Nano. Limited editions will be at same price but will be limited in quantities and will include bonus experience points, weapon skin for SCAR, Hologram Decoy and unique in-game dog tags. Nano edition will be only available through Pre – order will include limited edition copy of the game in a Steelbook case with 11 statue of Alcatraz on top of taxi, an art book and a backpack that looks like a in-game super suit and it will be large enough to carry a 17” laptop. You can Pre – order it with a price of $199.99 only.