CastleVania is one of the best games developed by Konami. It was first release on FDS and the game was very cool with full of action adventure with enemies like werewolf’s, Vampiric Bat’s, Mummies, Medusas and the Dracula. The game was very good and the music was awesome. The 2d version of early 90’s been an epic and as it was one of my first game that I had played and I really liked it. After that I get the chance to play the CastleVania : Curse of the Darkness (2005) on my ps2 and as first 3d vania the game was good and the battle system was most likely as Dynasty Warrior. I never get the chance to play any other version of CastleVania.

After five years I am now playing CastleVinia : Lords of Shadow. The game starts with a voice of an old man reading a book (The voice is just like Gandalf) you will see Gabrial in his horse going to a forest where you have to fight with some wolves and lastly the beast. Its like a tutorial stage where you will learn how to fight, dodge attacks, special moves and you will learn that Gabrial is using Cross shaped weapon where in the Curse of the darkness you can’t use it with the main character as he wasn’t from the Belmont’s. So after the tutorial the real story begins. It seems like the story plot is not a part from the original series. It’s like Earth and havens alliance is in danger and the Dark lord is rising to destroy the earth. Evil creatures is all over and killing living peoples and Gabrial who is a member of the Brotherhood of light is protecting innocent peoples from this evil creatures. His wife was killed by some of them. As dark lord spell has stopped the souls from leaving Gabrial’s wife is now stuck as nor dead or alive. Now it’s up to Gabrial to investigate this spell and stop the Lord of shadow and save the world.

From here the game starts as the story progress you can use your exp points to learn new combos and spells. The Graphics work of this game is really awesome and I felt like I am in the Lands of the Lord of the Ring. The battle system is good and you will think it’s like God of war or Devil may cry. I did too. The game is full of wolves, ogres, bats, spiders and titans …about the Titans when you meet one of them in the snow field after killing it I am sure you will think about the Shadow of Colossus. The jumping around swinging thinks is as same as the Prince of Persia series or God of War. The puzzle system is brought from the original series and it’s really good.

This is a very big game with a 12 chapter in it and each chapter consists of at least 3 or 4 levels. So it’s like to complete it you have to play 50 levels. I am playing this game and I have already completed 5 chapters and I found the story is very nice and with so much beautiful graphics you will never get bored. As the game progress you will encounter new characters that will help you and sometime you will be shocked by the cut scenes that you have killed your friend in a dream but also in reality. Yes as I said the story is very good and with all the things I recommend gamers to play this if you like action – adventure games. I know some gamers will think that there is no compare of GOW or DMC …I believe it too but this is something you must try and I know you will like it

I must add something also that I didn’t like. Some puzzles were really boring and you must have to complete it.

Finally I can say it’s a good action adventure game with great graphic and cool music. So in my point of view I rate this game as good with 7.5 and recommended it to all the gamers who like action – adventure.