The world of Dragon age 2 is about to begin in March 8, 2011. As we all know about Dragon age origin and awakening this game series is developed by BioWare and published by famous EA games. It’s an Rpg game with a single player mode and its releasing on Ps3, Xbox360 and Pc.

The world of Dragon age 2 begins in the same world as Dragon age: Origins. As in origin it was about the problem that the entire nation faced but this time it’s about one man and that’s Hawke. Who becomes the Champ of Kirkwall. The choices that you had made in the past 2 series can be imported in this game and your decisions will reflect the world of Dragon age 2.

The new area is introduced Free Marches as was mentioned in Awakening. New combat and more new spells have been added. Dragon age 2 is full of voices I mean now BioWare added voices for the characters. Some races have been redesigned. I must add this as some gamers wanted customization and BioWare delivers in Dragon age 2 where you can customize characters appearance, gender and class but you can’t change races. As Origin was one of the greatest rpg I believe this one will be more.

As official trailer is out you can see how you can raise the power and the graphics works looks great and much sharper. This rpg is going to be wild. Gamers going to enjoy the new combat system, spells and customizations and the power that they can raise to become the champ of Free marches.

The game is cool and it’s only a month away Pre – order it now gamers and you can get some promotional items such as Lion of Orlais Shield and The Fadeshear Sword. Only Orders before March 8 can get these items also you can gain access to additional in game content with no extra cost. So it’s your choice if you want to become more strong Just order it Now.