Michael Jackson: The Experience the game is already out in Wii. I didn’t played it but as from some blogs and news I heard it’s a good game for Wii console and it got a rating like 7.5. As I saw some Wii version trailers the game looks pretty good to me. I love the song list and dancing like MJ is a dream for everyone.

Soon We I mean the Xbox 360 and Ps3 gamers will get the taste of this game. The game is published by Ubisoft and developed by Triump International. This is going to release in April 12, 2011 on Ps3 and Xbox360. I would love to try this game on Kinect. Song list will be the same as Wii. But in my point of view the Graphics may be better from Wii and in Kinect you are the control so it will be more fun.

The game has three game play modes. Classic where you follow the legend MJ on the screen. Duo where you and your friend can play together and multiplayer where four player can play but only on Ps3, One player at a time for Kinect. There is a Dance School where you can learn MJ moves and it will be unlocked after you have completed some songs. So gamers get ready and polish your moon walking shoes prepare your gloves and take the MJ hat because the legend MJ is coming to your 360/ Ps3.