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Dead Island

An Horror action adventure game like Dead Rising or Resident Evil are always welcome by all the gamers as we all like to kick butt of zombies anytime. Now Techland is developing Dead Island an upcoming horror action adventure game and the cinematic trailer looks really good and its like will make everyone Sad…..

Dead Island is an open world game play like Dead Rising (may be) , but as from what I heard it will be a First person perspective game and up to four player co-operative play will be available. There will be a Stamina bar which means if your stamina runs out you won’t be able to attack unless you recover it by resting. Melee attacks and customizable weapons will be available.

The game takes place in an island located in Papua New Guinea. It is a fictional island called Banoi. The game starts character partying during the night wakes up and finds out that there is a zombie outbreak and now you are stuck in a beach hut with some survivors and you have to take a weapon and start kicking butt of zombies.

As the game is under development only one Characters information is available and other characters name are available. They are Xian Mei, Sam B, Purna and Logan. Only Xian’s information is visible. She is an employee at Royal Palm Resort and she came from China. She is a sportswoman so she is fast, intelligent and it was her dream to meet and greet all the other nationalities and work in different hotels all around the world but Banoi changes the fate of her and all who is now under development in DEAD ISLAND.

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Gears of War 3

Gears of War one of the awesome, award winning game and also best selling science fiction third person shooter game developed by Epic Games and published under the big name of Microsoft Game Studios. First of all something for those unlucky fellows who doesn’t know anything about the Gears of War.

Gears of War take place to a fictional planet named Sera. It is all about the war between human and Locust a creature. You will play the role of Marcus Fenix, who was jailed because of leaving the military post to save his father and now he is back in his Delta squad and his mission is to find the resonator which will lead to the Locust inhabit to destroy its heart. So you’re in control of Fenix with his delta squad helping him to get to his goal thought the Sera and into the depth of Locust heart.

After the Big success of it, Gears of War 2 hit the world of gaming and it was another mind blowing game developed by Epic Games. You are in control of the same Fenix and now you found out that Locust is using big worms to eat the ground of the cities of Sera to destroy them. Now Fenix leads his delta squad to kill those worms but when they are on the depth of it they find out the true intension of the Locust.

Gears of war 2 were a big success too and on its released weekend it was sold over 2 million copies and another 4 million within the next two months. You can play Co-op mode in both of those games where other player can control Fenix’s friend Santiago.

After some years Epic Games finally announced Gears of War 3 will be released on September 20, 2011 and as it was it will be again exclusive only for Xbox 360. Gears of War 3 will be the final installment of Gears of War series.

Gears of War 3 game play will feature four players Co-op mode for the first time ever and three new playable female characters and another new playable character is Jace Stratton who appeared in the comic series. The game features full of new weapons, as Pendulum War lancer, double-barreled shotgun, the Digger launcher, Incendiary Grenade and The one shot…as its name it can take down any enemy with a single round. Gargon Pistol is now transformed into fully automatic Gargon SMG.

The new Beast mode is added in the Multiplayer mode and the Horde mode from the Gears 2 will be available too. Player earned tokens by killing enemies and with them they can upgrade their character to a stronger class. With some twist original multiplayer mode like “Team Death match” or “Capture the Leader” will be back in multiplayer menu. About the Creatures, some new enemies will be seen such as Polyps, Lambent Stalks, Drudges and a Lambent Berserker.

Man I really can’t wait for this game and I am quite sure that some of you will be ready to sleep under the open sky out of the shop just the day before it get released, I will surely be on the line too or you can go to the official page to pre order the Gears of War 3 now. Can’t wait to complete this Epic game series and really ready to get back to the Planet Sera to kick some Locust butt. By the way I feel sorry for those who plays only Ps3 cause guys to play Gow 3 (I mean Gears of War 3 not the God of War 3) you have to go for the Xbox 360 now.

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Wwe All Stars

Do you guys remember anything about WreslteMania: The Arcade game? This was may be the first and only arcade wrestle game made by Midway and also published by Midway. If I remember it right I played this game on my Sega Mega Drive console and it was real fun. With a very small roster the game was like good, as you can play as Doink, using his hand shake move to shock other player, Undertaker with his ground power moves, Shawn Michael’s Jumping Sweet Chin Music and last Yokozuna who bleeds with lots of foods when he get hits by opponents. It was really a fast pace game not like other WWF games. As an arcade in my view it was real fun.

Now time has come to recall those memories to the reality as Thq is going deliver WWE ALL STAR in March 29 2011 for Xbox 360, Ps3, Ps2, Psp and Wii. The game is developed by Thq San Diego team. The Producer of this game Sal Divita is the same who made the WrestleMania: The Arcade game.

As this game will be also a fast paced game it will be real fun playing with Wwe superstars in an arcade style battles in your Xbox or Ps3. The game rooster is really great with lot of legends and Wwe superstars. Among the legends Andre the Giant, Breat Hart, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Latino Heat Eddie Guerrero, Roody Piper and some are not revealed yet and with Cena, Ray mysterio, Edge, John Morrison, Big Show, Ortan, The King of Kings HHH and more are there in the side of recent Wwe SuperStars.

The game play looks cool, with high flying moves, hard hitting punches the trailer looks awesome. I really like the moment Rock hitting The Rock Bottom form so much height. The game looks real fast with super wrestle moves and classes also introduced here as Acrobat, Brawler, Big man and Grappler, as all of those will have their own advantage and technique, which other classes will not have. A new game play mode Fantasy Warfare is added where you can choose a side from legends or SuperStars and compete to a series of fantasy matches.

As I was a big fan of the Ultimate Warrior, I am really waiting for the moment I can try hi, on the ring and also playing as Macho Man Randy Savage will be a dream come true for all the Wwe fans. As some characters are not revealed yet, I would really love to see Lex Luger, Milloen Dollar Man, Yokozuna, Ric Flair or the Doink, the only Joker in WWE, Those days I was like a little kid and I was a big fan of him and his other three little jokers And In WWe SuperStar, First Undertaker should be must and then Batista would be great.

I know all you Hulkamaniac’s or THE Rock fans or the lovers of Latino Heat can’t wait to play as your favorite legends. As I will go for the Ultimate Warrior and the Macho man first for sure and try the awesome moves they got in all the SuperStars. This game looks really stunning and I am quite sure its going to blow gamers mind and provide a lot of fun for gamers and also PSN or Live game play will make it even better.

Top Spin 4

March 2011 gamers who likes Top Spin series or peoples who likes tennis will be vary happy because after 2 years Top Spin is coming back with their forth installment and it is developed by 2k Czech and published under the name of 2k Sports. The game features most of your favorite tennis super stars like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and many more. Along with the present generation super star you will find some legends too.

This game will be released on Xbox 360, Ps3 and Wii. But Wii version will be slightly different. The Xbox 360 and Ps3 version game will feature Real Tennis, that means you can feel it, the way your super star moves, smashes the ball, signature moves, as stated 4000 more signature styles have been added. Crowd – Fx feature will make crowed more intense and 2k promises that this would be the breath taking experience that the gamer will have. The new innovative control system will make it easy for the new comers and will make it even better for the experts to go for the opponent’s weak points. With the new stunning broadcast system, pre – match animation sequence, crowd reactions and the audio effects will make every match memorable and real a like.

The Wii version will have the feature of the motion controls, where you can feel the real life tennis experience to perform swings, drop shots, servers and drop shots. New player creator mode is introduced; you can customize your swing animations, apparel, physical appearance and every aspect of your created player. King of the court mode is a party mode game play where you and your friend can play classic tennis short form tournaments.

Enjoy the tournaments like Australian Open, Roland Garros, Us Open grand slams with your favorite player, win and take them to the top or go for the Masters 1000 tournaments like BNP Paribas Open, Sony Erricsson and BNP Paribas Masters tournaments and go for the glory.

Hunted: The Demon’s Forge

Hunted: The Demons Forge, a Third person action game developed by inXile Entertainment and published under the name of Bethesda Softworks. The game starts at the Dark Age and creatures are taking town peoples and two mercenaries have taken the mission to investigate where the creatures are taking all the peoples. The journey of the dark world starts and in this dark world they will find many twisted paths, vicious creatures, sacrifices and deaths. From here they will find out the Dark secrets of The Demon’s Forge.

The game story is pretty good, from the trailer; I can tell that the graphics looks good, as it’s a multiplayer title but without the split screen mode, players will control an Archer and a Warrior. The Archer character name is E’LARA and she can cast spell like Ice and Warrior whose name is CaddoC can break the Ice spelled Creature with his sword. The trailer looks pretty awesome and you can check it here.

This game is developed under the world of Unreal Engine 3. Unreal engine 3 is a game engine designed for DX9 Pc, Xbox360 and Ps3. It is a third version of Unreal engine created by Epic games. Gears of war game series were created using the same engine. My words will not be enough to explain the success of GOW series. I wish this title also keep the reputation of UR3 engines up to the top like GOW did. This game will release on June 1 2011 for the Pc, Xbox 360 and Ps3.

As we know so much little about this game now, upcoming news will clear every one’s thought about the game, so for now we can only hope for the best and wait.

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Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood review

From Far Cry to Prince of Persia Ubi Soft delivered awesome games one after another and from late 2007 they delivered one of the best game series Assassin’s Creed. The game was indeed a big hit among all the gamers. After that Assassin’s Creed II was released in late 2009 and this game really changed the view of all the gamers. The graphics work was so amazing. You will be amazed by the work of the developers and the way the story progresses you won’t be able to stop yourself to finish the game. After completing Creed II I was really waiting for the next and finally I got it in this year.

Last Year November Ubi Soft delivered another amazing, breath taking, awesome with super graphics Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. The game starts at the ending sequence of Creed II, Then Ezio goes back to his home and some stunning cut scene with Catharina and I think Ezio deserves it as what hard work he has done but not for long the sequence ends with a bang of cannon ball breaking Ezio’s room. Now you have to run towards the cannon to help your country and then another cut scene and you will find out that Mario is dead and Borgia got the apple and you have to flee from here with your family. Now back to the future you have to follow the shadows its like tutorial for some new stuff added on brotherhood. After you get the electricity you’re back to the past again and you will be in one of the most beautiful city Roma. From now the game will start and Ezio wants to take back the apple and revenge the death of Mario.

Roma is taken over by Borgia soldiers. You will find 12 districts in Roma and each of them are under the control of two Borgia towers and while the towers stand, soldiers are around, shops are closed and banks never been opened. So to renovate them like the 2nd sequel you have to assassinate the Captain of Each tower and then burn the tower down. Every time you burn a tower you will see I short sequence Ezio jumping out from the tower and I really love it so much, the way developers made the sequence with Ezio’s eagle jump that’s what I call it. After burning the towers you can renovate every shop in that particular area and you will also receive cash from the renovation time after time and you can withdraw it from the bank. By the way you can also buy stables.

As story progress you will discover more about who is behind all this and who is the traitor. There are also some very interesting side quests too. At the story progress you will find a very similar face who helped all the way in the Assassin Creed 2, didn’t you remember him Leonardo, You will find that he is been working for the Borgia making machine guns and here he helps you again with your tools but you have to buy them from him and he also gives you the location of those machine guns to destroy them.

Man I forget to tell you the most important thing about this game and it’s the battle system as now when you’re fighting you can call Assassin Clans to help you and you can recruit assassins by helping them all around the Roma, once you help each of them, they will join your assassin group. More towers are destroyed more Assassins can be recruited and you can also send them to the various missions through out the world by the contract option. There will be several pigeon coop where you can upgrade your assassins and send them to missions and they can earn exp and money according to objectives. When you send your assassins to missions they will be unavailable as long as the time they take to complete that mission. When I first tried this option I was really amazed to see way they comes and attack, Jumping from the walls, riding horses or jumps out of no where, you will get stunned for sure that how they came to help you out. As this title got 12 districts all round the Roma, Developers made traveling easy for gamers this time as they added teleporting system through introducing Tunnel entrance but to active this tunnels you have to kill the Tower captain and burn the tower down. By the way Desmond will still be around in the future and you will get control him for some time and then again he will be on Animus, going on a journey with Ezio.

Assassin Creed game series is an epic historical name and this sequel added more spice in this awesome series. Brotherhood the name is about unity and this title is full of uniting all the assassins, thieves, and all others and prepare for a war. The side quests are more interesting then ever.

I know I am little late with this review but as I was little busy and with so many new game release I thought I would play this when I am full free so I played and the game is rocking. This game got everything, as Creed 2 never left from my head this title made the full story sticky to my brains and will never left.

With such a brilliant graphics this game really rules and the new virtual training ground is very good for new gamers to train the new moves, ranged weapons and pistols. The Ubi soft did a stunning job with the game and the way the story progress you will never get bored. The game will take you to the real classical Rome city, where you can walk around with the people, throw money here and there and enjoy how peoples are after it, Jump to a boat and row around the city, walk around the most beautiful Coliseum in the world or jump around to it what you can never to in your real life.

I know some of you will feel like it’s almost same as Creed 2 but please play it and you will get what I am talking about and I also think its similar but with the introduction of all the new options will throw you out of your world and you will feel like walking around the roads of Rome. This game is really rocking and gamers if you haven’t played it yet, go for it now. I am scoring this game 9 out of 10 and really

Crysis 2 Leaked Stop Piracy

For the last few weeks over the internet it is all about Crysis 2 leaked version. I just don’t understand peoples who do this kind of stuffs. Please explain it to me why are you doing this and you don’t have any rights to play with our stuff. Please my fellow gamers I request you to stand against piracy. Trust me if you support this kind of works then soon their won’t be any game developers left to build such a game like Crysis. We already know Crysis 2 is the first game launching on Crytek engine 3 and do you think if you make the worker (who worked day and night for us to deliver such an awesome Crysis world) angry they won’t make any more game. Pc gamers especially for you guys, will you be happy if they stop providing games for PC, You surly know if EA and Crytek want they can stop producing PC version and only console version will hit the market. Think before you act my friends, please do not download this faulty leaked version of Crysis 2 and support the EA and Crytek team who always try to deliver the best for the gamers.

Gamers just try to think smart, if we do not support developers and if we support piracy soon the next generation of gaming will be vanished in a blink of an eye. Yes I know, your thinking about downloading this game will save some money but did you think if there isn’t any game left what will you play in the future, did you ever think what crime your dealing with, did you think about the developers who didn’t sleep just for us to deliver the best game that ever have hit the gaming world, did you ever think if you were one of the member of Crytek team what will happened to you if you lost your job only for supporting piracy, Please do not think only try to feel what they did …..I personally request to all the gamers please stop downloading, seeding and destroying our gaming world.

Asus Rampage III Extreme ROG

Republic Of Gamers are known for their fastest performance, innovation, best hardware engineering’s and deliver everything that is best of the best. Yes they really mean their words and really come with the best as Asus Rampage III Extreme ROG edition is one the High – end X58 motherboard available for now and in my point of view it is the best that is available now for gamers.

From the first look the Rampge III looks really cool. The combination of black and red really gave this a real Republic of Gamer look. The looks of the sinks are pretty stylish and it really gives the art of hardcore gaming.
This beast features with the most powerful Core™ i7 Processors with LGA1366 package with support the latest PCie 2.0 from which you can get double speed and bandwidth to enhance system performance. This beast supports both SLI and CrossFireX. With the support of 4 graphics card at once you can use either 3 way SLI or CrossFireX configuration which will deliver the best graphics that you have ever experienced. Rampage III extreme will eat up to 24GB of DDR 3 ram, with that amount of ram I think your system will burst out in tears. If you want to transfer data you can use USB 3.0 which will transfer up to 4.8 GB per second. Code Name Azalia will rock your world with on board 8-channel HD audio.

Asus Rampage III is a ROG series motherboard and defiantly it will have ROG exclusive Features. First of all Extreme Engine Digi+ which balance the need of voltage and expedites heat dissipation for better electric condition with it you can go over the limit to hit the benchmark that others never even thought of. Lost you Bios and thinking how to get it back, Guys don’t worry because Rampage III comes with USB Bios Flashback with this you can get your Bios back in only 2 seconds, Just plug the drive and push the ROG connect button and your done. Overclocking will never be that easy my friend. RC Bluetooth will let you control and monitor your Pc system status on the fly with your mobiles Bluetooth. Overclocking is now in your palm of hands and use Bluetooth or even laptops to overclock and monitor you pc though RC Connect. Special IC named iROG will deliver extra fun in your overclocking activities and offers management and maintenance with more control and efficiency. Use OverClock with confidence as with a feature like BIOS FlashBack you can save bios like save game feature. Use one to blow your mind with overclocking and let other stay default. Voltiminder LED let gamer’s monitor voltage while overclocking.

This beast is every gamers dream and if you’re looking for an awesome, cool, smashing, overclocking beast I will recommend go for Rampage III because in my view you won’t be able to find any better motherboard than Asus Rampage III Extreme.

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