Test Drive Unlimited 2 is coming on this Feb 08 2011. It’s published by Atari and developed by Eden games. It is going to be release for Xbox360, PS3 and also for the PC.  As I am not a big fan of Test drive but this ones seems to be a lot different then others. Atari and Eden promised that this TDU2 is going to be a massive online racing game, where drivers are free to ride, choose their own club, where players can compete with each-other, team up and share their achievements and creations. Brand new island is introduced where weather will affect your driving day and nights will come and vehicle damage is on. Its full of realistic vehicles and dynamic performances. Single player narrative mode can be played offline.

Multiplayer Racing is something this game is about, while racing you can make friends, join clubs, take pictures of specific locations, buy cars , even buy houses , furniture’s , clothing’s and all basic needs and there is also 10 additional levels but you have to get them from the official TDU2 website. By the way one thing I must add is soundtracks are going to rock because some of the artists are Linkin Park, Lamb of God, Daughtry etc.

This game is going to give the drivers free will to drive all the most desirable vehicles in this world. You are all your own in the World of TDU2. You will be recognized with your own unique customized car. The official trailer is pretty awesome. Driving in the thunder storm is going to be fun and the night part graphics really looks cool. I can’t say anything about it but Guys I would really love to try that Ferrari which was shown in the official trailer …who doesn’t ……So racing game lovers just wait a few days for the world of TDU2 to arrive at your Ps3 or 360.