There are very few new gamers who don’t know about the Mortal Kombat. Nahh from Mortal Kombat Vs DC they have already got a taste what Mortal Kombat is. From the first Mortal Kombat was a one on one battle. Mk1 then Mk2 both made history in the past but I didn’t like the Mk3 that much when it came out in Sega Mega Drive. Then came out “Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero” this one was awesome and then I played “Shaolin Monk” in the Ps2 and it was really cool, I always wanted to play the stories of Mortal Kombat characters “Shaolin Monk” delivered some. Then “Armageddon” and then came out the Mk Vs Dc and that was also nice game.

Now comes the days of Mortal Kombat again. For the first time Warner Bros. publishing MK in their label. As what I heard the game starts after the event of Armageddon where Shao khan is about to kill Raiden and at last effort he sends a message to himself in the past. From then Raiden tries to figure out what is going to happen in the future and he changes the events of the future. As developers stated Things are about to change in the Mk Universe and they also mentioned that the past Mk versions were made in the favor of action and they had ignored stories but now everything’s going to change. Now I figured out Why Liu kang was like zombie in Armageddon.

As developer stated that they are making conscious effort for dedicated player and for creating a deeper game play. As trailers are already showing some new moves, they also introduced super meter in 3 levels for combos or special or even interrupt a combo. Combos are better then ever. The X – Ray moves just blew my mind. Then when I saw Kratos in the trailer I was really shocked. Then I found out that Ed boon said that Kratos is the perfect match for the MK universe as felted by the MK Team. But then I felt sad for the Xbox 360 user and Pc users because Kratos will only available for the Ps3 version.

Every character will have two fatalities with some extra stage fatalities. 21 characters are already revealed from Mk universe maybe more to come. As it was requested by the Fans of MK developers made this game in 2D fighting plane. The developer stated that they will give this game a 2.5D appearance as characters will render three – dimensionally.

Online mode, tag team mode and challenge tower mode is revealed.. Four player tag team match is newly introduced. I think may be it will be like Marvel Vs Capcom where you can tag anytime or other character can help you with his powers like that. Challenge tower will be similar to the old arcade mode. MK will release in Ps3 and Xbox360 on April 19th, 2011 and Pc version will release later on as a possibility stated.