Fable the name says it all. Gamers of the world all know this game by its name as its last installment was pretty good and rated almost 9.0. The last fable 2 was a game where everything was possible. You can choose your own path there. Be a Evil lord or Be a hero to save peoples ….be a business man and earn cash all the time …move around in the world of fable or enjoy the views.

Now From the publication of Microsoft Loinhead comes with the new Fable 3. The game starts with the nice opening where a chicken tries to get free. Its a very funny opening and i really liked it. From that scene the Castle of Fable 3 is shown. Young prince is sleeping with his dog and his butler Jugler is here to wake him up as its already morning. The prince gets up and then he dressed up and has to meet with his friend. So the same old follow the golden glitters path meet his friend. Then young prince knows how the Albion people are feeling about the decision made by his big brother the Evil Prince Logan. Then its tutorial time where the Young prince is trained by his fathers loyal knight G. here you will learn how to fight in this game. Now the Knight wanted to talk with Logan and tell the young prince to stay behind of this but when the Knight and Logan is taking.Prince and his friend was eavesdropping and heard that Logan wants to kill the villagers who is against him. Then the prince get involved and the evil Logan doesn’t want to listen his brothers good thoughts and then Logan tells Prince that this is all because of his friend that he is against his big brother and orders soldiers to kill all the peoples and prince friend. Now Logan played a game here with his younger brother that Choose one of them or the soldiers will kill all. Now you have to choose Your Friend or Innocent Peoples. As i was like totally on with the story I was like what to do whom to choose … I wasn’t able to decide then Logan started counting and said his going to count for 5 if I were unable to decide then he is going to kill them all…and I wasn’t able to decide i thought something will happened and they both going to be saved but they all got killed. Now the Young prince escapes with his butler and knight …The knight know a place where the King wanted his young son to visit and carry the Guild Seal that the King carried when he was a HERO. Now the Prince takes the Seal and becomes the Hero that Albion peoples need to save them from the Evil king Logan. Prince and his companion runs for the exit through the cave and ends up in a sanctuary. I believe the item menu was changed with this sanctuary, where you can change dress in dressing room, get weapons from weapon room and so on. Your Butler Juglar stays here and you can teleport to the places you have been here fast by just using the map in the Sanctuary. Now The Journey began and Prince is out with his knight to gather soldiers to start a rebellion and save the Albion people from the Evil King

The story of the game is awesome. as the story progress you can visit many cities and villages. You can help peoples by taking additional quest. you can chat with peoples, dance with them, hug them, make friends, buy houses, start your own business, play lutes and earn money, make pie’s and earn money , or be a blacksmith and make weapons to earn money. In additional quest, you can really find some funny ones where you have to wear a chicken suit to find some lost chickens and be a part of a Ghost Play and have some fun wearing ladies clothes. Make friends and get seal points for your weapon to upgrade. With seal points you can get upgrades for your weapon, pistols and magic, You can unlock love , marriage pack and many other unlocks are available at GUILD SEAL world is that what i called it. Each time you progress with the story you will find a portal to this Seal world where you can use your seal points to upgrade and unlock. The games graphic works are the best from the other 2 series of this game. Giving the voice to all the character make the game even better. The dog helps you to find treasures and he can also trace items beneath the ground and barks at the position where you have to dig it out. Walking around the open fields and in the forests or in caves with a dog is kind of really fun when the graphic works are awesome. Some time you have to find lost children where you have to grab their hand and take them to their parents.

In My point The game looks great and its a great fun, making money is not that tough, magic are stronger then ever, Graphics work is best from other Fable’s. No age limitation. Decision making system works pretty well. If you play it with your heart you will be amazed and sometimes you will get stuck on making decision..You’re going to ask yourself what I should do. But if you play with your mind making decision will be lot easier. Some additional quest are funny and I loved them. All over this game is something that everyone should get

Some issues are still bothering me. As the dog sometimes get stuck with rocks and trees. If you want to play with your dog for every decision you make you see a black screen.

Apart from some issues the game is very good and i rate it 8.0 and i also recommend all the gamers Just give it a try and you will feel the world of Fable 3.

As I am still playing it I will write more things that I encounter about it in a few days.