Last night i was thinking about the next generation hand-held, where Nintendo already announced 3DS as i wrote a few things that i know about it and i also mentioned there that Sony and other hand-held company should get ready for a war. As the night passed the war is already begun and Here comes the Beast , Sony announced PSP2 in Tokyo Today. This device of Sony looks awesome to me. i think many of you will think why because its like the same but its little round shaped and it got OLED touchscreen 5-inch with resolution of 960×544, Its loaded with a Quad core Arm Cortex A9 CPU and SGX534MP4+ GPU PowerVr, Its 3G, GPS , Wifi and also Dual analog sticks.

As we all know Psp Go didn’t had the Umd trays Sony made a decision to stick with the idea and its will be replaced by media card. The rear touch panel will be almost the same size will respond multi-touch inputs and demo was shown from the high profile Ps3 game Uncharted in PSP2 with awesome graphics.

A new analog stick is added, triggers are still there and SIX-AXIS motion sensing system is also introduced . With this new control approach playing games will be more fun then ever and with the use of touch screen its gonna make the gamers go wild. About the Battery life i still get anything from Sony. In my point of view with this Powerful Quad and an advance graphical ability the PSP2 battery should at least give 5hrs or else gamers will be disappointed like what we had with the PSP GO.

With such powerful processor this device gonna rule the hand-held world of gaming and i can’t wait to see the games that will be release for this hand-held beast. As price of this PSP2 or NGP ( NEXT GENERATION PORTABLE ITS CODE NAME) was not announced i am hoping it to be near $350 t0 $400.

So gamers just get ready for the war and get your pocket money raised before this beast comes out and destroy every hand-held in the gaming market. i sure wanna get amazed by this NGP and i know You are also.