WWE started deliverd wrestling games from the title “WWF SMACKDOWN” on the console playstation brought by THQ and it was developed by Yukes Future Media. After that came WWF SMACKDOWN 2 : Know Your Role, Then came WWF SmackDown : Just Bring it on Playstation 2. Those days “Just Bring It” was a big hit in my point of view. As it was released on Ps2 the graphics were little better then the previous ones. Its story plots were better then other wrestling games. “Just Bring It” roster was full of supertars …Rock..Stone Cold….Goldberg…HHH.. Those wrestlers were best that WWE ever got and thier stories were even better. The random stories for each character made the game fan favourite. Even customize wrestlers have random stories each time. The graphics wasn’t that good but hey what else you want in a Ps2. After that succesfull title come “Shut Your Mouth” and then “Here comes the pain” Those were good success too. After those the era of “WWE SmackDown Vs Raw” started in 2005 on Ps2. That was the first title where Smackdowns superstars started battling with the Raw rosters. From then every year WWE delivers SmackDown VS Raw in all consoles by THQ.

This year comes SmackDown Vs Raw 2011 developed by Yukes and its a THQ publication. The roster is full of new superstars from Raw , SmackDown and Ecw and some legends are as always there. Shawn Micheal who already left the WWE is also in the roster of raw maybe because he was a fan favourite of all time and DX won’t be complete without him and without DX its really imposibble to think about WWE as i am a Big and i mean a bigest fan of them.

As from previous release the game starts in a ring with John Cena and Randy orton where you are in control of John and you can train and try the new controling system here. The tutorial will be shown for your help to learn the new fighting system at top right corner. Press Start for the menu. Now at the main menu they changed the Carrear mode in Wwe Universe . I played the Universe little bit and its really cool better then the carrear modes. You can skip or play matchs which ever match you want, you can even chage the superstars from the match and made new riivalries and even get suprised when you see the swapped superstar in the crowd’s first row sitting and showing you the tickets he bought because you changed him from his match. There will be random cut scenes after the matches or at PPV or during the matches and the storyline will carry on with new rivalries and all.

Then you will find Road To Wrestle Mania in the main menu . 5 stories that you can play here. The first one that i already played is Breaking Undertakers winning streak in Wrestlemania. Sorry but there are only some listed superstars that you can play with in this story ..they are John Morrison, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler and a created wrestler of your own. I played it with John and the new stuff that i found here was you can run around the backstage, there is a map at top right corner. You can visit your locker room or go to the training room or disturb the GM or You can talk with the sexy Divas in Divas cornar. You can even start a backstage Brawl with any superstar you find in the Backstage. Now lets get back to the Undertakers task. As story progresses You will find somthing very interesting ..Undertaker tries to control your mind and in a Raw event you find that the map is moving and every one is in a hooded ..all the crowds are even hooded and you fight a battle royal with all the hooded wrestlers but after you won the match everything becomes normal. Some other more intersting new things are included in this story and i reccomand every wreslte lovers you shold try it at least once. at the last you will meet Undertaker in WM and Undertaker comes with a Grand entrance in WM and its like impossible to beat him as i tried like 5 times then finaly i made the 3 count with John morrison. I will say lose atleast one time to see the cut scence cuz its really cool then you can win by load game and get the winning one.

After the Undertakers story ..you can play with Christian that starts with ECW and then John Cena..Rey Mysterio, John and Chris Jericho ..they all got different WM stories. I am playing now Christians story and i find its very cooool and funny as EDGE and Cristian are back together with their Big Glasses and Funny Hats. As i find lot of changes in this game and the graphics are better then ever. The stories of WrestleMania’s are awsome. Universe mode is better then the carrear mode. As i didn’t like the last years wwe game but i am loving SVR 2011 so much and I recommand this to every wreslte game lovers BUY it or Rent it .. Play it and i am sure you will enjoy it.

I will be back with more WWE Smack Vs Raw when completely play the game.