Nintendo is about to release its new hand-held “Nintendo 3DS” . Its going to be release in 27th May for USA and UK . Japanese gamers will get their hand first in this highly anticipated hand-held console in Feb 26th . The price of 3DS was announced to be ¥25,000 or you can say its $310 but At the web site you can pre order it for $249.99. As some games will be also launched with 3DS the game prices were also given and its between be ¥4800 to be ¥6090. As what i heard some third parties games will be release when the 3DS will be launched. Street fighter IV 3D edition and Ridge Racer 3D are in the top of those game list. Some other high profile titles like Zelda or Mario they didn’t made any announcement about their release for the Nintendo 3DS, maybe they are waiting for the release or they want to hit those game in the right time like in summer. At first 3ds is only relying on games for only Jap region but may be before the the release of other region they would come with other high profile lunches.

For the First time You can see there is a analog type circle pad in 3ds, the stylus is 4 inch long and its telescoping. there will be a built-in stereo camera for taking 3d pictures and it has two lenses that allows to take 3d pics and you can view them in the device. 2gb SD card will be included. This device weighs 8 ounces, 2.9 inches long and 5.3 inches wide and its only .8 inches thick when its closed. Only the top screen is 3d enabled and its 3.53 inches wide, its resolution is 800 x 240 pixel. The speaker are either side of the top screen. The bottom touch screen is 3.02 inches and its resolution is 320 x 240 pixel. The camera is .3 megapixel and its resolution is 640 x 480. I didn’t get any news about the battery life so may be its not announced yet.

There will be a home menu, web browser, and notification functions which can be used without turning off the game-play. There will be pre-installed DSiware (Soft) included in the device. It will have a parental controls for kids to control the age limit and free web surfing. The softs that you downloaded for 3Ds can be transfer to another device but as Nintendo says its gonna be limited and some of them won’t be transfer able at all. It will be able to run the DS or DSi software.

Finally i can say that this time Nintendo is already prepared to through a war against other hand-held consoles. Who knows maybe Sony or other companies hand-held don’t get any chance to survive the battle with 3DS without new hardware’s. Sony better move fast for PSP2 or else Nintendo may take the higher step earlier.