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Mortal Kombat

There are very few new gamers who don’t know about the Mortal Kombat. Nahh from Mortal Kombat Vs DC they have already got a taste what Mortal Kombat is. From the first Mortal Kombat was a one on one battle. Mk1 then Mk2 both made history in the past but I didn’t like the Mk3 that much when it came out in Sega Mega Drive. Then came out “Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero” this one was awesome and then I played “Shaolin Monk” in the Ps2 and it was really cool, I always wanted to play the stories of Mortal Kombat characters “Shaolin Monk” delivered some. Then “Armageddon” and then came out the Mk Vs Dc and that was also nice game.

Now comes the days of Mortal Kombat again. For the first time Warner Bros. publishing MK in their label. As what I heard the game starts after the event of Armageddon where Shao khan is about to kill Raiden and at last effort he sends a message to himself in the past. From then Raiden tries to figure out what is going to happen in the future and he changes the events of the future. As developers stated Things are about to change in the Mk Universe and they also mentioned that the past Mk versions were made in the favor of action and they had ignored stories but now everything’s going to change. Now I figured out Why Liu kang was like zombie in Armageddon.

As developer stated that they are making conscious effort for dedicated player and for creating a deeper game play. As trailers are already showing some new moves, they also introduced super meter in 3 levels for combos or special or even interrupt a combo. Combos are better then ever. The X – Ray moves just blew my mind. Then when I saw Kratos in the trailer I was really shocked. Then I found out that Ed boon said that Kratos is the perfect match for the MK universe as felted by the MK Team. But then I felt sad for the Xbox 360 user and Pc users because Kratos will only available for the Ps3 version.

Every character will have two fatalities with some extra stage fatalities. 21 characters are already revealed from Mk universe maybe more to come. As it was requested by the Fans of MK developers made this game in 2D fighting plane. The developer stated that they will give this game a 2.5D appearance as characters will render three – dimensionally.

Online mode, tag team mode and challenge tower mode is revealed.. Four player tag team match is newly introduced. I think may be it will be like Marvel Vs Capcom where you can tag anytime or other character can help you with his powers like that. Challenge tower will be similar to the old arcade mode. MK will release in Ps3 and Xbox360 on April 19th, 2011 and Pc version will release later on as a possibility stated.

Test Drive Unlimited 2

Test Drive Unlimited 2 is coming on this Feb 08 2011. It’s published by Atari and developed by Eden games. It is going to be release for Xbox360, PS3 and also for the PC.  As I am not a big fan of Test drive but this ones seems to be a lot different then others. Atari and Eden promised that this TDU2 is going to be a massive online racing game, where drivers are free to ride, choose their own club, where players can compete with each-other, team up and share their achievements and creations. Brand new island is introduced where weather will affect your driving day and nights will come and vehicle damage is on. Its full of realistic vehicles and dynamic performances. Single player narrative mode can be played offline.

Multiplayer Racing is something this game is about, while racing you can make friends, join clubs, take pictures of specific locations, buy cars , even buy houses , furniture’s , clothing’s and all basic needs and there is also 10 additional levels but you have to get them from the official TDU2 website. By the way one thing I must add is soundtracks are going to rock because some of the artists are Linkin Park, Lamb of God, Daughtry etc.

This game is going to give the drivers free will to drive all the most desirable vehicles in this world. You are all your own in the World of TDU2. You will be recognized with your own unique customized car. The official trailer is pretty awesome. Driving in the thunder storm is going to be fun and the night part graphics really looks cool. I can’t say anything about it but Guys I would really love to try that Ferrari which was shown in the official trailer …who doesn’t ……So racing game lovers just wait a few days for the world of TDU2 to arrive at your Ps3 or 360.

Fable 3 review

Fable the name says it all. Gamers of the world all know this game by its name as its last installment was pretty good and rated almost 9.0. The last fable 2 was a game where everything was possible. You can choose your own path there. Be a Evil lord or Be a hero to save peoples ….be a business man and earn cash all the time …move around in the world of fable or enjoy the views.

Now From the publication of Microsoft Loinhead comes with the new Fable 3. The game starts with the nice opening where a chicken tries to get free. Its a very funny opening and i really liked it. From that scene the Castle of Fable 3 is shown. Young prince is sleeping with his dog and his butler Jugler is here to wake him up as its already morning. The prince gets up and then he dressed up and has to meet with his friend. So the same old follow the golden glitters path meet his friend. Then young prince knows how the Albion people are feeling about the decision made by his big brother the Evil Prince Logan. Then its tutorial time where the Young prince is trained by his fathers loyal knight G. here you will learn how to fight in this game. Now the Knight wanted to talk with Logan and tell the young prince to stay behind of this but when the Knight and Logan is taking.Prince and his friend was eavesdropping and heard that Logan wants to kill the villagers who is against him. Then the prince get involved and the evil Logan doesn’t want to listen his brothers good thoughts and then Logan tells Prince that this is all because of his friend that he is against his big brother and orders soldiers to kill all the peoples and prince friend. Now Logan played a game here with his younger brother that Choose one of them or the soldiers will kill all. Now you have to choose Your Friend or Innocent Peoples. As i was like totally on with the story I was like what to do whom to choose … I wasn’t able to decide then Logan started counting and said his going to count for 5 if I were unable to decide then he is going to kill them all…and I wasn’t able to decide i thought something will happened and they both going to be saved but they all got killed. Now the Young prince escapes with his butler and knight …The knight know a place where the King wanted his young son to visit and carry the Guild Seal that the King carried when he was a HERO. Now the Prince takes the Seal and becomes the Hero that Albion peoples need to save them from the Evil king Logan. Prince and his companion runs for the exit through the cave and ends up in a sanctuary. I believe the item menu was changed with this sanctuary, where you can change dress in dressing room, get weapons from weapon room and so on. Your Butler Juglar stays here and you can teleport to the places you have been here fast by just using the map in the Sanctuary. Now The Journey began and Prince is out with his knight to gather soldiers to start a rebellion and save the Albion people from the Evil King

The story of the game is awesome. as the story progress you can visit many cities and villages. You can help peoples by taking additional quest. you can chat with peoples, dance with them, hug them, make friends, buy houses, start your own business, play lutes and earn money, make pie’s and earn money , or be a blacksmith and make weapons to earn money. In additional quest, you can really find some funny ones where you have to wear a chicken suit to find some lost chickens and be a part of a Ghost Play and have some fun wearing ladies clothes. Make friends and get seal points for your weapon to upgrade. With seal points you can get upgrades for your weapon, pistols and magic, You can unlock love , marriage pack and many other unlocks are available at GUILD SEAL world is that what i called it. Each time you progress with the story you will find a portal to this Seal world where you can use your seal points to upgrade and unlock. The games graphic works are the best from the other 2 series of this game. Giving the voice to all the character make the game even better. The dog helps you to find treasures and he can also trace items beneath the ground and barks at the position where you have to dig it out. Walking around the open fields and in the forests or in caves with a dog is kind of really fun when the graphic works are awesome. Some time you have to find lost children where you have to grab their hand and take them to their parents.

In My point The game looks great and its a great fun, making money is not that tough, magic are stronger then ever, Graphics work is best from other Fable’s. No age limitation. Decision making system works pretty well. If you play it with your heart you will be amazed and sometimes you will get stuck on making decision..You’re going to ask yourself what I should do. But if you play with your mind making decision will be lot easier. Some additional quest are funny and I loved them. All over this game is something that everyone should get

Some issues are still bothering me. As the dog sometimes get stuck with rocks and trees. If you want to play with your dog for every decision you make you see a black screen.

Apart from some issues the game is very good and i rate it 8.0 and i also recommend all the gamers Just give it a try and you will feel the world of Fable 3.

As I am still playing it I will write more things that I encounter about it in a few days.

Sony PSP2 (CodeName NGP)

Last night i was thinking about the next generation hand-held, where Nintendo already announced 3DS as i wrote a few things that i know about it and i also mentioned there that Sony and other hand-held company should get ready for a war. As the night passed the war is already begun and Here comes the Beast , Sony announced PSP2 in Tokyo Today. This device of Sony looks awesome to me. i think many of you will think why because its like the same but its little round shaped and it got OLED touchscreen 5-inch with resolution of 960×544, Its loaded with a Quad core Arm Cortex A9 CPU and SGX534MP4+ GPU PowerVr, Its 3G, GPS , Wifi and also Dual analog sticks.

As we all know Psp Go didn’t had the Umd trays Sony made a decision to stick with the idea and its will be replaced by media card. The rear touch panel will be almost the same size will respond multi-touch inputs and demo was shown from the high profile Ps3 game Uncharted in PSP2 with awesome graphics.

A new analog stick is added, triggers are still there and SIX-AXIS motion sensing system is also introduced . With this new control approach playing games will be more fun then ever and with the use of touch screen its gonna make the gamers go wild. About the Battery life i still get anything from Sony. In my point of view with this Powerful Quad and an advance graphical ability the PSP2 battery should at least give 5hrs or else gamers will be disappointed like what we had with the PSP GO.

With such powerful processor this device gonna rule the hand-held world of gaming and i can’t wait to see the games that will be release for this hand-held beast. As price of this PSP2 or NGP ( NEXT GENERATION PORTABLE ITS CODE NAME) was not announced i am hoping it to be near $350 t0 $400.

So gamers just get ready for the war and get your pocket money raised before this beast comes out and destroy every hand-held in the gaming market. i sure wanna get amazed by this NGP and i know You are also.

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo is about to release its new hand-held “Nintendo 3DS” . Its going to be release in 27th May for USA and UK . Japanese gamers will get their hand first in this highly anticipated hand-held console in Feb 26th . The price of 3DS was announced to be ¥25,000 or you can say its $310 but At the web site you can pre order it for $249.99. As some games will be also launched with 3DS the game prices were also given and its between be ¥4800 to be ¥6090. As what i heard some third parties games will be release when the 3DS will be launched. Street fighter IV 3D edition and Ridge Racer 3D are in the top of those game list. Some other high profile titles like Zelda or Mario they didn’t made any announcement about their release for the Nintendo 3DS, maybe they are waiting for the release or they want to hit those game in the right time like in summer. At first 3ds is only relying on games for only Jap region but may be before the the release of other region they would come with other high profile lunches.

For the First time You can see there is a analog type circle pad in 3ds, the stylus is 4 inch long and its telescoping. there will be a built-in stereo camera for taking 3d pictures and it has two lenses that allows to take 3d pics and you can view them in the device. 2gb SD card will be included. This device weighs 8 ounces, 2.9 inches long and 5.3 inches wide and its only .8 inches thick when its closed. Only the top screen is 3d enabled and its 3.53 inches wide, its resolution is 800 x 240 pixel. The speaker are either side of the top screen. The bottom touch screen is 3.02 inches and its resolution is 320 x 240 pixel. The camera is .3 megapixel and its resolution is 640 x 480. I didn’t get any news about the battery life so may be its not announced yet.

There will be a home menu, web browser, and notification functions which can be used without turning off the game-play. There will be pre-installed DSiware (Soft) included in the device. It will have a parental controls for kids to control the age limit and free web surfing. The softs that you downloaded for 3Ds can be transfer to another device but as Nintendo says its gonna be limited and some of them won’t be transfer able at all. It will be able to run the DS or DSi software.

Finally i can say that this time Nintendo is already prepared to through a war against other hand-held consoles. Who knows maybe Sony or other companies hand-held don’t get any chance to survive the battle with 3DS without new hardware’s. Sony better move fast for PSP2 or else Nintendo may take the higher step earlier.

Wwe SmackDown vs Raw 2011 review

WWE started deliverd wrestling games from the title “WWF SMACKDOWN” on the console playstation brought by THQ and it was developed by Yukes Future Media. After that came WWF SMACKDOWN 2 : Know Your Role, Then came WWF SmackDown : Just Bring it on Playstation 2. Those days “Just Bring It” was a big hit in my point of view. As it was released on Ps2 the graphics were little better then the previous ones. Its story plots were better then other wrestling games. “Just Bring It” roster was full of supertars …Rock..Stone Cold….Goldberg…HHH.. Those wrestlers were best that WWE ever got and thier stories were even better. The random stories for each character made the game fan favourite. Even customize wrestlers have random stories each time. The graphics wasn’t that good but hey what else you want in a Ps2. After that succesfull title come “Shut Your Mouth” and then “Here comes the pain” Those were good success too. After those the era of “WWE SmackDown Vs Raw” started in 2005 on Ps2. That was the first title where Smackdowns superstars started battling with the Raw rosters. From then every year WWE delivers SmackDown VS Raw in all consoles by THQ.

This year comes SmackDown Vs Raw 2011 developed by Yukes and its a THQ publication. The roster is full of new superstars from Raw , SmackDown and Ecw and some legends are as always there. Shawn Micheal who already left the WWE is also in the roster of raw maybe because he was a fan favourite of all time and DX won’t be complete without him and without DX its really imposibble to think about WWE as i am a Big and i mean a bigest fan of them.

As from previous release the game starts in a ring with John Cena and Randy orton where you are in control of John and you can train and try the new controling system here. The tutorial will be shown for your help to learn the new fighting system at top right corner. Press Start for the menu. Now at the main menu they changed the Carrear mode in Wwe Universe . I played the Universe little bit and its really cool better then the carrear modes. You can skip or play matchs which ever match you want, you can even chage the superstars from the match and made new riivalries and even get suprised when you see the swapped superstar in the crowd’s first row sitting and showing you the tickets he bought because you changed him from his match. There will be random cut scenes after the matches or at PPV or during the matches and the storyline will carry on with new rivalries and all.

Then you will find Road To Wrestle Mania in the main menu . 5 stories that you can play here. The first one that i already played is Breaking Undertakers winning streak in Wrestlemania. Sorry but there are only some listed superstars that you can play with in this story ..they are John Morrison, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler and a created wrestler of your own. I played it with John and the new stuff that i found here was you can run around the backstage, there is a map at top right corner. You can visit your locker room or go to the training room or disturb the GM or You can talk with the sexy Divas in Divas cornar. You can even start a backstage Brawl with any superstar you find in the Backstage. Now lets get back to the Undertakers task. As story progresses You will find somthing very interesting ..Undertaker tries to control your mind and in a Raw event you find that the map is moving and every one is in a hooded ..all the crowds are even hooded and you fight a battle royal with all the hooded wrestlers but after you won the match everything becomes normal. Some other more intersting new things are included in this story and i reccomand every wreslte lovers you shold try it at least once. at the last you will meet Undertaker in WM and Undertaker comes with a Grand entrance in WM and its like impossible to beat him as i tried like 5 times then finaly i made the 3 count with John morrison. I will say lose atleast one time to see the cut scence cuz its really cool then you can win by load game and get the winning one.

After the Undertakers story can play with Christian that starts with ECW and then John Cena..Rey Mysterio, John and Chris Jericho ..they all got different WM stories. I am playing now Christians story and i find its very cooool and funny as EDGE and Cristian are back together with their Big Glasses and Funny Hats. As i find lot of changes in this game and the graphics are better then ever. The stories of WrestleMania’s are awsome. Universe mode is better then the carrear mode. As i didn’t like the last years wwe game but i am loving SVR 2011 so much and I recommand this to every wreslte game lovers BUY it or Rent it .. Play it and i am sure you will enjoy it.

I will be back with more WWE Smack Vs Raw when completely play the game.

Duke Nukem Forever

The name of the game is Legend itself. This game was played by all the gamers all over the world and they all know him by his Famous dialogues “Shake it Baby” Hail to the King Baby “.Duke Nukem. Way back in early 90s I played Duke Nukem 3d in my first PC and from then I know every one became a fan of Duke. Those days FPS games were like Doom, Quake and all other but from all of them Duke 3d was different and By different i don’t mean that you wont kill monster but different in s Sense in none of those game you got the chance to get a lap dance from ladies or save them or even give a dialogue “Shake It Baby”

From a long 12 years Duke raises again In Duke Nukem Forever developed by gearbox and published by 2kgames. From what i heard 3d realms spend 10 years on Duke then Gearbox take over from them and developed it for PC, XBOX360, and PS3. As the Official trailer and some wallpaper are already released the game itself will be launched in May 6th 2011 internationally. The trailer looks awesome where long ago Duke saved us from Alien invasions then he went away and after so much time when Aliens are back again and destroying our world every one thought Duke would be back to save them but nahh No sign of Duke ….But when Aliens try to take the Ladies …..Here Comes Duke ““WHY THEY ALWAYS TAKE THE HOT ONES “” ……. Now they made him angry and his going to make them “Rest in Peaces”……I love the way he delivers those awesome dialogue…The trailer shows Duke driving trucks then there will be usable vehicles. Weapons are as usual. Pistols, shotgun, Shrink Rays, Pipe bomb, Freeze-thrower all will be there but there will be no weapon upgrades as what I heard.. And For last but no the least hot ladies.Lap dances, and who knows what else you will be able to do with this unstoppable hot chick lover Alien ass kicker Duke.

Batman: Arkham City

Warner’s last installment of DC Batman Arkham Asylum changed the view of Batman in the world of gaming. Arkham Asylum was the best ever Batman game i played. The story plots and the way the game developers made the characters it was awesome. At past Batman games was little boring in my point of view as i played Batman Begins on Ps2 but i kind of a liked the Lego Batman was funny as all the Lego games are but the arkham asylum changed the view of Batman In my world of gaming an i am sure to all the gamers of the World.

Now Warner’s upcoming game Batman Arkham City official trailers is out and its developed by Rocksteady Studios Ltd. From the view of the Trailers I was shocked and saying it to myself.Can‘t wait for this fall. Defiantly this game is going to be the one that will blow everyone’s mind. The graphics works looks awesome …nah the best ever in my point of view. When i first saw the trailer “Batman: Arkham City Hugo Strange” I was lost…Will it be a movie or game….That’s what my expressions and I know the same is going to happened to every gamers when they saw it. The Batman Arkham City going to be one of the years best for sure and like all of u I cant Wait for this fall to grab this one from the store when hits out or i will even try to Pre Order this one.

The Official Trailers Is Here………..

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